August 2, 2011 : Catherine Merritt

August 2, 2011 : Catherine Merritt

This is my office’s view. Floor 36 of the Aon Center. On a day like
this, when it's too damn hot to go outside for three minutes of fresh
air, the windows help remind me it's summer.

I think it was about 10 years ago when I was working as a shampoo girl
at Mary Sue's Hair Design (where Ridge and Peterson met, respectively)
for the summer and our clientele dropped by about six people, lovely
ladies, who passed away from heat stroke. That’s what today reminds me

I had more plans for today. To get out and experience Chicago. But
that didn’t happen. I’ve been at my desk, working away, hiding from
this heat.

I grew up in Rogers Park. I take great pride in that. Normally when I
tell people where I'm from, after "Chicago" comes the "which suburb"
question. Zing. City girl. I had a four-year stint out east when I
went to college in New York, but I've always known that Chicago was
where I was meant to be. I now have a husband, a baby (well, he's
teeting on toddlerhood), a dog, a house, a garage, the whole package.
And the Brown Line goes behind my backyard, through my alley. You
can't get that in the Northshore.

So going back to my Chicago day and the view from my window. I've
lived here a long time and I'm still head over heels in love with this
city. It has faults. Of course it does. But it's still so lovable. On
days like this, when I’m glued to my desk, it’s the views that help
supplement the lack of ‘real’ air intake and reminds me that despite
the chilly 65 degrees in my office, it’s hot as hell out there.

It might be hot, but I won’t complain. I live for this. Tonight, when
I get home? We’ll cookout and take thoughtful pauses in our
conversation as the train goes by overhead. That’s when my real
Chicago experience will take place.



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