August 15, 2011 : Rebecca Ravenna

August 15, 2011 : Rebecca Ravenna

I feel like I am starring in my own personal remake of Groundhog Day only this is the OB/GYN version.

Day 24: In bed. Same as yesterday. Looking out the window, same view as yesterday.  Wearing yoga pants, you guessed it, same as yesterday.  I am a human incubator; exactly 31 weeks pregnant with my first baby, a girl, who seems to be even more high maintenance than her mother.  Quite the accomplishment.  She attempted an early debut, but we convinced her to stay put.   She is grounded for at least 36 more days (but who’s counting?) and since I go where she goes, I too am grounded.  So here I am.  On bed rest. In bed.

Truth be told, it’s not the worst gig in the world.  Sure, I’d love to be enjoying the rest of summer in Chicago, but being 8 months pregnant, I’m not exactly crying over missing out on the humidity.  I’ve developed a routine of online shopping, watching whatever is on Bravo or E!, and trying to control myself over the excitement of going from my bed to the couch.

I can say with full confidence that today is the most exciting day of the week. I was actually able to venture outside.  Ok, so it was only to go see my doctor at Prentice, but I got a great report back and heard the baby’s heartbeat-something that will never stop being totally, completely awe-inspiring and amazing.

I do a pretty good job of staying positive and relaxed, but boy did this kid pick an inopportune time to start acting up! I recently sold my Gold Coast condo last month. My husband and I are making the move to River North where we can be with all of the other Bugaboo-pushing, small dog-walking, East Bank Club-going young families.  Until then, we’re living with my parents. I am steadily accumulating a stockpile of baby stuff, but I have no home to put it in. Despite the fact that I am essentially homeless, I’m starting to become quite accustomed to the great service here. My laundry gets done, I get Starbucks hand-delivered and I’ve noticed that sandwiches taste better when my mom makes them.


About the author: Rebecca Ravenna, a real estate broker, lives in Chicago with her husband/favorite person/almost doctor, Paul, and their dog Harley.  They are anxiously awaiting their newest project, a baby girl, due very soon.

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