August 10, 2011 : Jennifer Lenkiewicz

August 10, 2011 : Jennifer Lenkiewicz

The weather today is gorgeous.

Chicagoans are notorious with our weather complaints.  It is never warm enough in the winter and rarely cool enough in the summer. And, so I long for days like today. Warm, sunny, and zero humidity. Perfect.

Seems like ideal weather for a ballgame. I was raised in a family where you were identified by more than your last name. Who you were was determined by what parish you attended—what neighborhood your mail was sent—and which Chicago team you pledged your allegiance.

As Southsiders, we kids were raised Sox fans. Tuning into Channel 9 to sneak a peek at the Northsiders when I was growing up was strictly prohibited. Dad frowned upon wild ideas like that—such an infraction was grounds for TV privileges being revoked by the White Sox season ticket holder.

These days it seems the younger generations claim loyalty to both teams reasoning they both represent Chicago.

I chalk that up as crazy talk. A true fan cannot cheer for both sides of town…it ain’t natural.

Tonight the White Sox are in Baltimore playing the Orioles and the only game (if you want to call it that) in town will be played up north in the Friendly Confines.

Most Cub fans already uttered the magic “wait-til-next-year” words months ago. Sure, their season flat lined long before the All Star Break, but tonight fans have reason to celebrate. Tonight there is something special happening over at Wrigley. On this beautiful Wednesday evening a statue will be unveiled on the corner of Sheffield and Addison.

Tonight is Ron Santo night.

Guess what?  I might tune in. Hey, I am not breaking any rules by checking out the pre-game ceremony. As long as I do not witness those clowns take the field I am safe. Some will argue Ernie Banks is the face of the Cubs…I believe Ron Santo is.  Like the team that never achieved the biggest prize for greatness, neither did Santo. While he never realized an official invitation to Cooperstown, Ron will forever be memorialized where his heart and allegiance always were—without a doubt. On Sheffield and Addison.

Even a Sox fan can appreciate that.


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