July 6, 2011: Johnny Schroepfer

July 6, 2011: Johnny Schroepfer

Tuesday Morning Wednesday Morning – I often have to remind myself it’s a four day week. I’ve been thinking a lot about the past few days on my walk to the Belmont 'L' stop. I’m also wondering which line will arrive first, hoping for a Brown or Purple albeit the packed Red-95th to Lake often seems much faster. Either way, waiting for the train is just enough time to reflect on my post for the day while the stranger on my left plays her next Words with Friends move on the platform.  Things have been going really well lately; I spent the past few days with some amazing people, attended one of my best friend’s wedding, beer and burgers in the South Loop, watched fireworks near Fullerton & Lakeshore, and relaxing weekend naps.

A good friend often jokes with me, saying, “It’s all up to you, Johnny.” It’s mostly in a doom-and-gloom sense of humor, but I’ve actually come to embrace it from a motivational point of view. More specifically, it reminds me of why I live in Chicago. Looking back a year ago today, I was approaching my final quarter of graduate school in Evanston and lining up my post-graduation plans. Evanston was a longer morning commute, but the route to work has not changed much.

Everything up to this moment at the L stop is directly related to the personal and professional choices I’ve made. I’ll avoid any deep philosophical conversations, but what I'm getting at is one of the biggest choices I’ve made to date: Chicago. This city is filled with passionate, intelligent and all around amazing people. I was reminded of this the past week, and even yesterday at work. There’s always something to do, and even better, someone to enjoy it with. I find myself thinking about the near future possibilities as the Red line train approaches.

It’s up to me to make it happen.


About the author: Johnny Schroepfer (@jschrep) lives in Lakeview and works at a digital agency downtown. He’s an avid fan of live music and Bulls games.


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