July 30, 2011: Marisa Ruiz

July 30, 2011: Marisa Ruiz

It’s 1 a.m. on Saturday morning and I’ve found myself in the middle of Chicago hipster habitat. I’m at a loft party in Ukrainian Village where local DJs and bands are rocking out a dark room that has been transformed into hipster paradise. Long strings have been hung across the wooden ceiling with glow-stick bracelets dangling from them. They radiate luminous pops of color like skinny neon flares. People wait for them to come loose and fall to the floor so they can wear them on their wrists. Projectors flash colorful patterns and images on all the walls. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans are everywhere. At least half the men in attendance are wearing tank tops.

The band playing right now is called Eight Bit Tiger. It’s three dudes and the lead singer has painted red streaks across his face. I wonder if this is inspired by David Bowie, or perhaps implying that an Eight Bit Tiger has slashed him? They’re actually quite good and you can tell the crowd loves them. A couple guys making overt slinky movements are so inspired, they must dominate the dance floor. A sweaty redheaded guy in a striped tank top (what else?) starts to hump random people around him - and at the end of each song, he lifts his shirt as if he’s flashing for Mardi Gras beads. A second guy is a bearded brunette with a full head of fabulously coiffed hair. He’s wearing a geometric tank top (surprise!) with tiny shorts, no socks and neon pink sneakers. He feels the music through interpretive dance, from arm waving to low lunges. To my pure delight, he literally mounts a wooden beam by wrapping his legs around it and bending backward. (Visualize a really flexible koala.) I learn he goes by the name B. Starr and owns a Hello Kitty wallet. I heart him. Gemini Club is up next. They’re one of my favorite local bands and are using the festive party as an opportunity to film a video. The room is dripping in sweat, buzzing with energy and shining with electric joy. I think I should hang around these hipster types more often...


About the author: Marisa Ruiz (@MarisaVictoria) is a recruiter for @24SevenChicago, Music Blog Editor for @BrokeHipster & concert review writer for @LostInConcert.

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