July 3, 2011: Dan Mayer

July 3, 2011: Dan Mayer

Today I find myself in my first real attempt at returning to normalcy after the passing of my grandmother.  After much protest about how I don’t like the Taste of Chicago I found myself going anyways.  This is starting to be an annual debate that I have.  I think this happens because even though it is annoying for us locals, we typically are entertaining people from out of town and it really is a good event for those that want to experience as much “Chicago” as they can in an hour.  It was pretty insane out, but I feel like there were less people there due to the canceling of fireworks.  The weather ended up being very nice; it wasn’t too hot, and there was just enough of a breeze moving the air around to keep it from getting humid.

On my way back I was happy to find a new relaxing place that I didn’t realize existed.  In the middle of the Millennium Park flower garden there is a little man made stream where you can sit and put your feet inside of it.  Moving forward this place will be a must hit destination for me on hot days.

Bouncing back is proving to be tougher than I would have thought it would be.  How do you go back to your life when a large part of it is missing?  This weekend being a big holiday, I find, is helping me.  There is no reason to just sit in neutral.  I never have been one to hermit myself.  Getting out and living is the best way to move forward.  Experiencing life and being a collector of experiences and stories is the best way to honor the those that do not have that opportunity anymore.


About the author: When Dan Mayer has time you can catch him on the lakefront path either on his bike or with a camera in his hand.  He tweets at @dan_mayer and attempts to remember to  blog at http://gochopgo.wordpress.com.

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