July 28, 2011: Nadia Torres

July 28, 2011: Nadia Torres

I’m sure you’ve noticed them. I mean, how could you not? If you’re walking down Clark, there’s about fifteen of them on one block.  It’s the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m talking about frozen yogurt shops. That’s right, FROZEN YOGURT. They’re little pop-up shops that operate solely during the summer months. They offer the crack of frozen desserts... one taste and you’re hooked. It’s you-call-it dessert. The premise is simple – choose a flavor and add the toppings of your choice.

As simple as it sounds, every time I go (which sadly is a lot. I can feel your judgment.) I seem to lose control of all logical thinking. The routine is the same. I have a talk with myself about what I’m going to get – a sensible amount of yogurt with 4 toppings max, 3 of which should be fruit. But as soon as I get there, all this goes out the window and I turn into a crazy person.

It starts with choosing a yogurt flavor. Here’s what the debate usually sounds like in my head: Vanilla? Blah. Strawberry? Too healthy. Dutch chocolate? Possibly. WHY ISN’T THERE A RED VELVET AND COCONUT SWIRL OPTION? Wait, did I just yell that out loud? Smile at the lady behind the counter. Act natural. After a few minutes of internal debate, I pick a flavor and keep moving.

Onto the second part of crazy extravaganza. It’s toppings time. As much as I rehearsed which toppings to get and how I told myself to be good, I go into this blind frenzy when I see everything that’s available to me.  Cookie dough, Snickers, chocolate chips, gummy bears, butterscotch. Let’s throw a maraschino cherry on top… that counts as fruit, right? I make sure that every bit of surface is covered in some sort of sugary goodness and make my way over to the register.

Now here’s where they get you. The cost is based on how much your cup weighs. So I put mine on the scale and the total is $10… Um…how much? Can I put some back? Nope, go big or go home. WORTH IT.


About the author: Nadia is a copywriter who enjoys people watching, high fives and putting hot sauce on everything. You can find her @gonadstorres.

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