July 26, 2011: Lauren Kaminsky

July 26, 2011: Lauren Kaminsky

Today began as all my days do: with a Diet Coke.  It's not a healthy addiction, but it's mine.

Of course, like all suburban commuters, I also had a long dose of sitting in traffic, contemplating just how dangerous it is to check my Google reader stopped at a red light.

I didn’t. Instead, I opted for blaring 90s pop music and rocking out as if my car turned me invisible as soon as I shut the door.  Don’t judge me.

A firm believer in the power of attitude, I am certain that the morning commute can make or break your day.  If I choose to be irate at the drivers who cut me off or can’t seem to drive the speed limit, the crankiness continues until my head hits the pillow at night.  If I choose, instead, to sing “Quit Playing Games With My Heart,” it’s going to be a good day.  (This is especially true if I've painted my toenails a particularly rockin' shade.  Today, they were blue -- "One Day Without Blues" to be exact.)

Today was a good day.

There was nothing extraordinary about it.  Actually, it was the most ordinary of days.  I woke up.  I drove to work.  I drove home.  I got in a little workout.  My husband made an ordinary dinner.  We’ll probably finish our day by lounging on the couch, him doing grad school work and me blogging or reading other people’s blogs.  The television will be on in the background.  If Jon chooses, it’ll be ESPN, and if I choose it will be some mindless junk.

But there’s some comfort in that.  In knowing that despite the unpredictable weather (which was actually glorious today), traffic that is predictable in its unpredictability, and all of the difficult and not-so-difficult things one day can bring, I can choose to have a good day.

So today I did.


About the author: Lauren Kaminsky is a 26-year-old who is passionate about many things, and still trying to figure out exactly what she want to be when she grows up.  Follow her on Twitter @ForwardPace.

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