July 25, 2011: Chris Burns

July 25, 2011: Chris Burns

For the longest time, I was one of those people that said the whole dry heat vs. humid heat argument was total bullshit. I mean, I spent my entire life living in places where hot and humid were about as inseparable as Jake & Elwood Blues.

It's not like I hadn't ever experienced a dry, hot climate; I had more than my fair share of two- to three-day trips to places like Vegas, Phoenix and Dallas, where I experienced 110-degree temps with 20% humidity and on each trip, I'd say the same thing: "Yeah, 92 with 85% humidity is oppressive, but this is like sticking your head in an oven."

Fast forward to 2011: I'm on month 21 of working on a nearly permanent basis in Las Vegas and my internal weather clock has been totally reset - I've become my grandmother who thinks that 106 feels like 75 and get giddy like a schoolgirl when I smell rain at work.

The weather is a daily topic of conversation in my house these days. Heck, it's a daily topic of conversation for everyone. With two little girls - one two, one four - the sanity of my household (i.e. my wife and I) is directly correlated to get the kids out of the house for activities.

Today, the conversation started with the 8am phone chat with my wife, who was sneaking the kids out to the park to take advantage of a break in the weather. It continued later in the day over Skype as my two girls modeled their new swimsuits that planned on christening with the wacky caterpillar in the backyard as soon as our video chat was complete.

Beyond being a critical part of our day, the weather provided me with a stark reminder of what I've been missing out on since taking this job and I'm not talking about my internal weather clock. I love what I do and I've spent almost the past two years working on one of the most amazing projects of my life. At the same time, a steamy summer night under the Wrigley Field lights with sweat pouring down the side of my beer, or running under the sprinkler in my backyard and picking tomatoes in the garden with my girls, well, that's something I can only get in Chicago.

Can't wait 'til my flight home.


About the author: Chris Burns is the director of content and entertainment curation at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. He commutes between Vegas and the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Follow him on Twitter at @cburns_ord2las.

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