July 21, 2011: Brian Bulgatz

July 21, 2011: Brian Bulgatz

Things were all lined up for today to be a day full of unforgiving repetitiveness: wake up… work… embrace the Sahara-like heat…  work…  watch the Adam Dunn Strikeout Fest 2K11. What I failed to take into consideration was the off chance that I might lose my wallet. And that’s exactly how it went down.

After putting in a respectable day at my office, I figured that it would only be fair if I treated myself to Navy Pier’s weekly Wednesday firework show from the Adler Planetarium lawn (uncontested best view of the Chicago skyline). While I don’t know how my wallet managed to escape my backpack during the fireworks display, the only logical reaction I could have was to blame the terrorists. So I did.

I make an effort to take out the bike for an early morning Lake Shore Drive ride once a week, but given that I was on a mission to find the missing wallet at the Adler Planetarium lawn, where I presumably left it, I made sure to get my dosage of LSD bright and early. I am by no means a morning person, but if there is one thing that will get my day off to a raging start, it’s biking down LSD during sunrise.

I did my very best to scan the lawn for my wallet and the fortunes that rest inside: $3; a dry cleaning ticket; ID; and a Subway loyalty card which was three stamps away from being converted into a free 6” sandwich (do the right thing Subway!), but eventually came up wallet-less, I snapped a shot of the skyline, which was pristine, without a single cloud in the sky.

On the bike ride back to River North I passed through the farmers market in Daley Plaza. The only thing to report, aside that I had no money to feed myself, was a stunning Amish girl working one of the stands. Similarly to how you don’t see any Chinese homeless people (it’s true), it's taken me 24 years to run into an attractive Amish girl. I doubt the Amish will take offense to (or even be aware of) this online rant.

Off to the DMV…


About the author: Brian Bulgatz is the Founder/CEO of @QuagwireLLC with unwavering loyalties to the White Sox, Portillo’s, and his dog “Gnarly Charlie”. He tweets at @BULGATZ.


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