July 20, 2011: Daniel Barbossa

July 20, 2011: Daniel Barbossa
Photo credit: Stephen Hackett (from Flickr)

If you haven't noticed or still have no power from last week’s storm, Chicago is gripped in a heat wave. The weather has been sweltering; every one is sweaty, sticky and covered in a layer of filth. It's so hot even my sweat is sweating!

It really makes you appreciate technology and the evolution of what we have today...the air conditioner.

It's amazing that the Romans and Persians had rudimentary cooling systems, but we have to thank Willis Haviland Carrier, who in 1902 invented the the first large-scale electrical air conditioning.

Mr. Carrier's creation has made these hot summer days bearable and I wanted to thank him with a haiku:

Oh Hot Humid Day
A-C thy Power I Eye
Chill Me, Cool Me Yes

I know it's horrible to complain about the heat when come 4 months, I'm gonna be wishing it were July again.


About the Author: Daniel Barbossa is a TV Producer with @WindyCityLive. He tweets at @dbarbossa.

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