July 16, 2011: Ed Revis

July 16, 2011: Ed Revis

There she was. I started out on my daily Lakeshore run this warm Saturday morning and she, again, passed by me near Belmot Harbor. I know it is she, because I see her every Saturday morning around roughly the same time.

We all have “our people”.

Those people that we see, whom we don’t know by name, but recognize in our neighborhood or on our everyday path to work, school, the gym, or where have you.

Often spotted in patterns at the same time on certain days or in the same place on certain routes.

Our people are OUR people – they’re everywhere and nowhere to us at the same time.

And our people know they are OUR people, because to them we are their people too.

I moved to Chicago only 2 months ago, and I already have my people. There is another woman, with a pixie hair cut and iPad, who somehow has made it on the same 145 bus in the morning and evening as me from downtown more times than I can count. She is now one of my people. And then there is the gentleman at the gym; who is just as crazy as me to be working out at 5AM during the week.

Our people in this big city do more than just remind us of our routines.

In a city so big, our people comfort us. Chicago’s size can be intimidating; and when you’re new, finding a sense of consistency eases any worry. Our people are consistent; one of the few characteristics of this hustling and bustling city that we can guarantee will be the same.

This morning, as the woman jogged past me near Belmont Harbor I gave her a crooked smile as she does for me. The beauty of having our people I realize, as hundreds of others jogged and biked past in the same moment on the Lakeshore path, is that my peoples’ people and their peoples’ people extrapolate to include the entire city.  It’s as if Chicago has opened her arms to me and said this is where you belong for now – because if you leave, remember it’s not just the city you abandon, but it’s these people too.


About the author: Ed Revis is an account planner in advertising. You'll often find him running, working, or eating. Check him out on Twitter @edrevis.

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