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In 2010, we opened up 365 spots for people across the world to share their story. We're going to conntinue the project in 2011, but we're also expanding to local markets starting with Chicago. We're now asking you to consider being 1/365th of the story that will help create a time capsule for the coming year in this great city.

We anticipate the3six5 Chicago having a kickoff date of July 1, 2011, but depending on the response, this date may change.

If you are interested in being a participant, please email with subject line "2011 AUTHOR APPLICATION." Please include some information on the unique perspective you would bring to this project, and a date or window of time that you would be available. (NOTE: The date shouldn't have historical significance. We want you to write on random dates in the future and not try to prethink or prewrite your material. In other words, stay away from birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

Please read the the3six5 Chicago author guidelines for more details. If you apply to be an author, we will assume you have read them.

For reference:

  • A handful of local editors will be managing the project, usually one per month, and they will be your day-to-day contacts in terms of reminders, editing, and answering basic questions about the project.

  • Authors will still be selected by site co-founders Daniel Honigman and Len Kendall and the local Chicago editors.
  • Previous authors are not eligible to be authors again. (Sorry, folks!)
  • Authors should be current residents of the Chicagoland area.
  • The author selection process is not random. Last year, we received over 5,000 applications for only 365 spots. Passion, unique backgrounds and a strong online presence (in that order) will help us craft our list of authors.

Thank you all for the wonderful support. We look to reading your applications and building our 2011 group!

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