WWE Monday Night Raw Hits Chicago After Super Show-Down Weekend

WWE Monday Night Raw Hits Chicago After Super Show-Down Weekend

    Next week, Monday Night Raw is set to return to Chicago after a veritable Wrestlemania level event down under in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday.

    What does that mean for the Windy City’s edition of WWE’s weekly flagship program?

    For starters, it means Chicago will play host to all the dramatic fallout from this weekend’s monstrous show. That’s both a potential plus and minus for fans thinking about attending Raw.

    On one hand, it seems fair to expect some action from the big name stars being advertised. I would specifically be looking forward to Ronda Rousey’s segment as, if the rumours are true, Rousey might soon be looking to break some Bella Twin arms.

    Additionally, whatever the pay-off is for the recent Shield drama will likely continue to play out on Raw. That means you can probably safely expect some impassioned mic work from members of both The Shield and Braun Strowman’s team after Super Show-Down.

    Speaking of mic work, if that’s not your cup of tea than I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for ya when it comes to Raw. Most of the wrestlers on the show, if not all of them, will be coming off of an extremely long plane ride out of Australia. In other words, don’t be surprised if it’s a light night of work for a lot of competitors.

    On top of that, I wouldn’t hold my breath on having any elaborate live angles from the Triple H vs Undertaker Super Show-Down match play out on Raw this week. For the same reason I expect a lighter night for lots of wrestlers, I also find it hard to believe Undertaker or Shawn Michaels will be looking to make such a whirlwind journey at this stage of their careers.

    Now I could be wrong, WWE does have another Saudi Arabia show in a month to promote, but my best guess would be that you don’t see The Deadman or HBK on Raw. Instead, you’ll likely get either a video package or an appearance from Triple H to help push the DX versus Brothers Of Destruction story along.

    Overall, what does all this mean to any prospective ticket buyers?

    Well, I would look at it this way. If you’re happy with a night of WWE fun, where you get to see all your favourite Raw stars out in the ring, then you’ll have a great time. If you’re someone looking to see epic, long ring wars from those Raw stars, or you just can’t stand the thought of sitting through multiple promos throughout the night, then this Raw might not be the show for you.

    Besides that, it’s also worth noting that WWE’s late September or early October stop typically also comes with an announcement for a show right around Christmas in Chicago.

    For those who may not know, over the past half dozen years WWE has put on a holiday season show in Chicago. Last year, that took the form of both Raw and Smackdown being held in Chicago on Christmas Day and the day after Christmas.

    Trust me, those shows have been the source of some memorable matches in the past. If spending the holidays with WWE sounds intriguing to you, I would potentially consider that as a possibility instead of going to next week’s Raw.

    No matter whether you end up seeing next week’s Raw, the holiday season show, or both though, I hope you all have a great time watching some quality WWE action!

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