Wrestling At The Office: A Guide To Creating Your Own WWE Confidence Pool

Wrestling At The Office: A Guide To Creating Your Own WWE Confidence Pool

    Pro wrestling often gets a bad rap for its predetermined nature. People tend to believe that wrestling is stuck looking in from the outside of the fantasy and online sports gaming craze simply because matches are “fixed”.

    I’m here to tell you that’s just not true. WWE is absolutely no different than football or basketball. There’s a variety of different games you could play amongst co-workers or groups of friends that will bring that fantasy sports experience to your wrestling viewership.

    Perhaps the simplest option when starting your fantasy WWE experience is to create your own pay-per-view confidence pool.

    In traditional sports like football, a confidence pool is created by predicting the winner of that week’s games. After determining your winners, you then rank the matchups in order of how confident you are in your prediction. The highest ranking would go to the game you’re most confident you’ve predicted correctly, and so on until you have ranked all of that week’s contests.

    Your rankings are then assigned a point value based on how many games there are in total. The winner is the person who’s accumulated the most points at the end of the week.

    That sounds pretty simple right? Well, WWE confidence pools work exactly the same way!

    For example, take a look at the basic outline of a confidence pool for this weekend’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. Right now, there are 8 matchups on the card. That means your predictions will be ranked on a 1-8 scale, 8 being your most confident prediction and 1 being your least confident guess.

    That’s all there is to it. You and your group just make their match predictions, rank them, and then see who comes out on top this Sunday!

    Now that you have the basics down, let’s go over a bit of strategy that goes into crafting the perfect confidence pool.

    Wrestling may seem like an easy sport to predict. There’s a story that’s told leading up to the big show which might lead you to some naturally conclusions as to who will win.

    Don’t fall for it!

    Wrestling pay-per-views are much trickier to predict than they may seem. Having a confidence pool filled with safe bets to win is a safe way for you to get steamrolled by the person who puts a high confidence amount on that surprise title change no one saw coming.

    Overthinking every match and filling your pool with high risk, high reward predictions is an easy way to lose though too! The perfect confidence pool is the one that best balances risky predictions with logical picks.

    If you know you’re going to be playing on the riskier side of the pool, you might want to consider proposing some safeguards for extra points when making your group’s pool. The best way to do that is by implementing some prop bets.

    Prop bets for wrestling work exactly like they do with any other event. They’re just simple yes or no predictions to different things outside of the event’s outcome that could occur.

    For my confidence pools, I like to include around 3-5 prop bets each worth about 1 or 2 points. For example, this weekend I plan on having 3 prop bets for Hell In A Cell.

    To start, I am taking guesses as to whether or not we see an appearance from Mick Foley’s notorious secret weapon, Mr. Socko, during his stint as guest referee of the Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman match. I’m also taking predictions on whether or not there’s a surprise Undertaker appearance to help promote the upcoming Triple H vs Undertaker match at WWE Super Show-Down in October. Finally, I am looking at whether or not we get any post-match confrontation setting up the rumored Nikki Bella vs Ronda Rousey match at WWE Evolution.

    Each of those prop bets I put into my friends and family confidence pool at 1 point a piece. Feel free to use those bets for your pool or come up with your own. At the end of the day, I find prop bets are a fun way to encourage some riskier match predictions and hopefully ensure there’s no ties once the scores are totaled.

    That’s it! Now, you have everything you need to know to start your own WWE confidence pool!  Next time, I’ll go in depth into how to create your own WWE-style fantasy sports league with friends or co-workers complete with trades, pickups, and everything you’ve come to expect from online games like fantasy football.

    In the meantime, leave me suggestions you have for fun prop bets you want to add to your own Hell In A Cell confidence pool in the comments below! Good luck this weekend!

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