Wrestling Wayback: Carlito

Wrestling Wayback: Carlito

    “I spit in the face...of people who don’t want to be cool!”

    When the iconic catchphrase of Carlito was uttered for the first time on Smackdown in 2004, you knew you were about to see something special. It’s truly a rarity in wrestling for someone to hold their own with someone like John Cena, but that’s exactly what Carlito did when he debuted against “The Face That Runs The Place” in 2004.

    Carlito proved to be more than ready to trade verbal blows with Cena that night leading to a back and forth United States Title match between the two competitors.

    That match would put the man known as Caribbean Cool in the elite club of competitors who were able to capture a championship on their first night in WWE, as Carlito defeated John Cena with a devastating chain-wrapped fist to the champ’s skull.

    From there on out, Carlito would continue to bring his incomparable swagger to the WWE ring. Finishing off opponents with his signature Backstabber, Carlito was able to defeat many other legends of the squared circle like Rob Van Dam and Eddie Guerrero.

    No matter what amazing competitor he was in the ring with, Carlito was able to remain his usual cool and cocky self. Even on the grand stage of Wrestlemania 21, Carlito delivered an entertaining performance with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Roddy Piper in a truly memorable edition of Piper’s Pit.

    It’s this combination of in-ring prowess and microphone mastery that made Carlito one of the most entertaining performers in WWE during the 2000’s.

    Even after he left WWE in 2010 though, Carlito was able to keep entertaining fans all around the world. Upon returning to the World Wrestling Council in his home country of Puerto Rico, Carlito was able to capture gold again in 2016 during an entertaining feud with Chicago independent wrestling star Mr. 450.

    All in all, whether he was fighting in WWE or WWC, the apple-spitting Carlito always entertained audience with his undeniable confidence and great in-ring ability. Now that’s what I call Caribbean Cool!

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