What (Or Who) Is The Wrestling Grognard?

What is a grognard?

It’s something I get asked nearly every time I try to explain my blog. It’s a term that's been lost to time, aside from a select few, so I figured what better way to kick off The Wrestling Grognard than by explaining what exactly it is I’m even calling myself. Don’t worry, I’ll get to how it all relates to pro wrestling, and even some boxing, but let’s just start with a bit of an untraditional history lesson.

I first heard the term grognard used by William Trotter, the writer of “The Desktop General” column in PC Gamer. Trotter used the term to refer to the readers of the column: the hardcore PC strategy war gamers of the time.  Trotter called his readers grognards after the curmudgeonly old soldiers of Napoleon's army, who were often called the same. Grognard, in French, means grumbler and these soldiers were oftentimes associated with their crusty, cranky attitudes. As a result, Trotter used grognard as a term to express the die-hard, seasoned nature of his readers while also ribbing them just a bit.

As an ode to Trotter, and to express my experience in the trenches of the wrestling and boxing worlds, I decided to call myself The Wrestling Grognard.

If you haven’t guessed by now, that means you can expect a critical, no holds barred analysis of all the hot topics in wrestling and boxing. I’ll be breaking down, in no uncertain terms, all the news you need to know, all the hot topics that need discussed, and all the big-time events and shows that need analyzed.

Most importantly, I’ll be doing so in the only way I know how: a little bit crankily, very honestly, and with all the bells and whistles that hopefully make for an entertaining read.

So strap in, get your John Cena T-shirt on, fire up some Showtime Boxing, and get ready, cause The Wrestling Grognard is about to run wild on you, brother!

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