The Super Bowl Sucked

While I am not attempting to take anything away from the Green Bay Packers, or even their fans, I can't help but feel like this year's installment of the Super Bowl sucked. The game was exciting enough, with it essentially going down till the end of the game and plenty of big hits and plays, but I was left with an overwhelming feeling of "SO WHAT" during a moajority of the broadcast. Generally, I enjoy the Super Bowl no matter what, but something about yesterday was just off.


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Leave it to Texas to screw up the Super Bowl

I acknowledge the fact that, as a Bears fan, I was nauseated to see the Packers playing in the Super Bowl, so naturally I was at a disadvantage when it came down to enjoying this game. Unfortunately, on top of that, the only other option to root for was a team and and fan base lead by an accused rapist.

Both the fans and the franchise criticized and tried to distance themselves from Roethlisberger while the allegations were being made of him, only to rally around him and shower him with a standing ovation upon his return from suspension, and after the franchise could not trade him. Story after story came out of Pittsburg, during the allegations, which painted Roethlisberger as not only a bad guy, but an overly-cocky and dangerous one  at that. Then, when the team and fans knew they were stuck with him, all was well, or forgotten, and they welcomed back their newly re-painted golden boy with open arms and cheering voices.

That jumble of moral hypocracy was even more disgusting to me than watching the Packers win the Super Bowl... or the creppily sexual, poorly amplified halftime show. In fact, I feel like I can honestly say that this year I did enjoy the commercials more than anything else on my Super Bowl Sunday... the commercials and drinking heavily while contemplating the extent of the Bears banishment back into unnoticed mediacrity that is surely before us.

So, not only did the teams, excess entertainment, and personalities suck, but on top of that people couldn't even get in to the facility. 400 fans were left holding tickets without any seats to sit in for Sunday's game, and 1,250 seats were not fully installed by game time. A round of applause for the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL; hooray!


No. This is sad, and I am embarassed on behalf of the NFL. Of course these fans will be heavily over compensated for the screw-up, but the fact remains. This was just one more nice little topping added on top of the many reasons this year's Super Bowl sucked.

Fans were offered only one likable team to root for, and if you're favorite team is a rival of the Packers, than you were left 0-2 as far as rooting interests go. Then viewers were bombarded with tacky and over the top production segments and an odd futuristic, and bad, halftime show. How was this fun? Then again, I guess I sort of just described every Superbowl for the last 10 years. Oh well. It must simply be my Packer, and anti-raper, bias. Either way, thank goodness for the commercials.

In between those, however, the only thing viewers had distract them from the game was odd shots of unsuspecting celebrities lining the seats. While seeing former President George W. Bush sitting within arms' reach of John Madden (not the one on last years' Stanley Cup-winning Blackhawks team, haha) was disturbing enough, having to wrestle with the image of lanky Cameron Diaz attempting to shove an over-piled nacho into the mouth of a puffy Alex Rodriguez was enough to keep me up until pitchers and catchers report.

Finally, the Super Bowl left me with that: waiting for pitchers and catchers to report. The Bears may surprise us all and be competitive once again next year, but for now I am done with football. My outlook on the Bears is not too positive right now, though I assure you that none of us should be overly pessimisstic- but shut up about the Cutler injury! Let's just wait till the Cubs suck to start talking about next year's football season. Until then, let's enjoy the Hawks and Bulls, and attempt to make it through the upcoming hell that is March Madness in all of its stunted and pathetic glory.


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  • It was a competitive game, but I wasn't cheering for any team.

    I think the real loser weren't the Steelers but the fans themselves. The game wasn't as thrilling as the score might suggest (or at least to Bears fans) and the halftime show sucked...big time.

    The only thing that seem that could've save the show was Slash, but Fergie had to ruin that too.

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