Introducing Pedro Gonzalez; a new contributor to "The Way Things Should Be"

Obviously, I am a huge Chicago fan in general, but tend to focus on the Bears, Cubs, and Hawks. Admittedly, I am not as dedicated to covering the Bulls and some of the town's other sports or teams as I would like to be. With that in mind, I am happy to say that Pedro Gonzalez will now be a regular contriutor to this blog page.

Pedro will primarily be covering the Bulls, who continue to dominate within their division and are essentially awaiting the playoffs, but will be covering additional topics at times as well. For any soccer fans out there, he will be covering the Fire when the time comes as well.

To view some of Pedro's writing prior to "The Way Things Should Be," check out any and all of these links:

I really believe that the Bulls fans will enjoy Pedro's writing and take on the Bulls. Check back soon to become familiar with him yourself.


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  • Thanks for the intro Adam.

  • Welcome, P.G. However, must inform: "Jimbabwae" is normally programmed to respond only to articles by-lined "Adam Tranchida" GOOD LUCK1

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