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Tom Thibodeau Has Been The Biggest Game-Change For The Bulls

The Chicago Bulls haven’t been this successful since the Jordan years and we can owe it in large part to Tom Thibodeau.Sure you can argue that the fact that Derrick Rose has matured into a all-star and  the signing of Carlos Boozer had a bigger impact, but Thibodeau and his defensive coaching scheme is what... Read more »

How good are the Chicago Bulls?

With the All-star break approaching, and the return of Joakim Noah sitting not far-off from that, the Chicago Bulls will soon have their full roster available for coach Tom Thibodeau’s use. The team currently sits at 38-16, third best in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. With the Bulls right on the tail of the two powerhouses... Read more »

Carlos Marmol: The Devin Hester of the Chicago Cubs signs a new 3-year contract

Carlos Marmol: The Devin Hester of the Chicago Cubs signs a new 3-year contract
With pitchers and cathers reporting to the Cubs’ camp in Mesa, Arizona yesterday, the long wait inbetween baseball seasons is rapidly closing. The team has been fairly active during the offseason; bringing back Kerry Wood to sure-up the bullpen, and adding former Tampa Bay teammates Matt Garza (starting pitcher) and Carlos Pena (first base) to the... Read more »

Introducing Pedro Gonzalez; a new contributor to "The Way Things Should Be"

Obviously, I am a huge Chicago fan in general, but tend to focus on the Bears, Cubs, and Hawks. Admittedly, I am not as dedicated to covering the Bulls and some of the town’s other sports or teams as I would like to be. With that in mind, I am happy to say that Pedro Gonzalez... Read more »

The Super Bowl Sucked

While I am not attempting to take anything away from the Green Bay Packers, or even their fans, I can’t help but feel like this year’s installment of the Super Bowl sucked. The game was exciting enough, with it essentially going down till the end of the game and plenty of big hits and plays,... Read more »

Chicago Bulls Trade Options at Shooting Guard

Everybody knows that the Chicago Bulls are in need of a starting two-guard, sure the Keith Bogans/Ronnie Brewer/Kyle Korver is useful, but they’re simply role-players.   The Bulls are already ½ a game behind the Miami Heat for second place in the East, and they have one of the best defenses in the league, now... Read more »