Moving Sucks... and I'm glad to be back


For those of you, however few that may be, that have been disappointed by my long absence, I am happy to say that I have returned once again to this beloved blog. While I know Gandalf will understand, what with that pesky Saruman keeping him from his normally golden word to Frodo, during the early stages in that most epic quest, my villain keeping me from "The Way Things Should Be" has been relocating, and obtaining internet access.

As any of you who have done it already know, moving is a bit stressful, and always seems to consume much more time than the mere move itself. Although I would have loved to be here communing with you all, internet access has been equally hard to come by. Thankfully, the bulk of these woes should be in the past now, and together we can forge on... to Mount Doom, the end of an incredibly average hockey season, the thrilling conclusion to Da Bears 2010-11 chapter, the continued budding of a superstar in Derrick Rose, or wherever the uncertain road will take us.

Now I can continue moaning about the petty sports issues that plague me as a Chicago fan and, hopefully, discussing such issues further with you all. I hope to read plenty of your thoughts as well, as we continue on together, and as always, thanks for reading.



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  • Glad to have you back! I look forward to seeing some more regular articles from you.

  • Please, no excuses. Just say 'the Holidays', and leave it at that! Welcome back!

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