NBA-Chicago Bulls: Carlos Boozer WILL PLAY!

NBA-Chicago Bulls: Carlos Boozer WILL PLAY!

After practicing today apparently felt good enough, the Bulls main free agent acquisition over the offseason, Carlos Boozer, will make his season debut tonight against the conference rival Orlando Magic.
Boozer has missed the entire season up to this point with a fractured hand, fans, teammates, and coaches alike certainly have been eager for the two-time NBA All-Star to take the court.

Thankfully, the wait is over.

After much conjecture over the course of the day, with many reports stating it was likely that Boozer would play, it recently was made official, and Bulls fans have one more reason to be excited about tonight's game.

The Bulls have fared rather well without Boozer, unquestionably lead by the excellent play of Derrick Rose. The Bulls currently sit at 9-6 and lead the central division of the Eastern Conference by a half a game over the Indiana Pacers.

The last time the Bulls played the Orlando Magic was embarrassing to say the least. The Magic owned the Bulls in Orlando on October 16, beating them 105-67 in a pre-season meeting.

Tonight the Bulls will seek some revenge in front of a United Center crowd that will surely erupt with the appearance of their new star on the court for the first time. Enjoy Bulls fans; this one should be fun.


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  • Having been held back since day one, you know this kid is champing at the bit. He's gonna explode on the court!! (Was I right?)

  • Huh? Huh? Was I right? Was I right?

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