Bears: Cutler and Peppers Earn Honors, and ANOTHER Lion GUARANTEES Victory Over Bears on Sunday- NFL

Bears: Cutler and Peppers Earn Honors, and ANOTHER Lion GUARANTEES Victory Over Bears on Sunday- NFL
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Some may be surprised, but Jay Cutler seems to be turning his Bear career around with recent performance(s)

Today is a great day for Bears fans; almost as great a day as Sunday's win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Jay Cutler was named the NFC offensive player of the week today, while Julius Peppers earned the honors of NFC defensive player of the month.
With four touchdowns and 247 yards, Cutler earned himself a 146.2 passer rating, one of the best in a single game in Bears history. The accolades of one Julius Peppers have been well-documented and discussed this year, leaving it no surprise that he raked in the NFC defensive honor of the month today.

Thus far in the season, Peppers has 34 tackles, one interception, and six sacks. Of those sacks,  four came in November, and he reached the speedy and buttery Michael Vick for one last Sunday. Personally, I have yet to see any evidence of the supposed plays that Peppers takes off that Bears fans heard about for months leading up to the start of the season after signing the beastly defensive end.

With the Bears' win on Sunday, they moved into a second place tie at 8-3 with the New Orleans Saints for second in the NFC. Safety Chris Harris was the first player to intercept Michael Vick all year long, and with the awards given to Cutler and Peppers today, this has been a fantastic week for the Bears. Leave it to the idiotic Lions players to attempt spoiling everything.

Also announced today was that Lions WR Nate Burleson has brain damage. I'm sorry... that is not correct. But one could make that assumption after he announced today that he GUARANTEES a Lions victory over the Bears this coming Sunday.

Is it just me, or does someone on the Lions always guarantee a victory over the Bears every single time the two teams are set to face each other? Off the top of my head, I cannot recall who did this in week one, but I am almost sure that someone did, and I know we heard the same at least once, if not twice last year (if anyone remembers who may have said this in the past, I would love a response to remind me).

I would like to remind the Lions, all their players and all their fans, of recent Bears-Lions history. Last year the Lions lost to the Bears 48-24 and 37-23, losing by a combined 38 points. The previous season, the Bears won 34-7 and 27-23 over the Lions, another perfect record against them. You have to go back to 2007 to find the last time the Bears lost to Detroit, and sadly, in that disappointing year following the Superbowl appearance, the Lions did beat the Bears twice.

In any case, the Bears are 5-0 against the Lions since 2008, outscoring the Lions 165-91 in the process. Furthermore, the '08 and '09 Bears were mediocre teams at best; finishing 9-7 and 7-9 respectively. This year, the Bears appear to be at least a good team, possibly a great one, and still Lions players feel it is necessary to pollute the media with their ridiculous and always incorrect guarantees.

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I predict that bears-riding-on-horses storming into Ford Field on Sunday is more likely to happen than the Lions defeating the Bears, as Nate Burleson guaranteed today

Just to clarify for Nate Burleson and Co., the top two definitions for "guarantee," as defined by Webster's Online Dictionary, are "assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications" or "an unconditional commitment that something will happen or that something is true." Perhaps these players do not know what they are saying when they guarantee these ridiculous outcomes, but I will put myself out on a much safer ledge and guarantee that the Bears will once again defeat the Lions this Sunday.

Do not misunderstand me; I expect the Lions to battle hard, especially considering the controversy surrounding the first meeting between the two teams at the beginning of the year. Simply put, however, the Bears beat the Lions even when they cannot beat anyone else, and this year the Bears have made it common to beat teams much, much better than the Lions.

So, I ask Lions players to please keep their mouths shut after they are once again proven to be nothing but a sub-.500 team headed by a bunch of loudmouthed fools. Go Bears.


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  • Sorry, I love my Bears, but we did not win that opening game against the Lion's! Just because the refs gave us a win does not mean our won. Let's just make sure our team brings it this weekend and dominates the Lion's so we can call the win legitimate this time!

  • In reply to BearsRule:

    I am a little shaky on my football or, sports for that matter, terms but, I believe the definition of a win, is when the other team (in this case the bears) collect/score more points than the other team (the Lions). That being said I would argue that the Bears did in fact win the first game against the Lions. Regardless of what happened during the game, the end tally shows a Bears win.

  • In reply to BearsRule:

    I agree with Gandalf on this one. We gotta take our breaks when we get 'em.

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