HAUNTS and CURSES- tales of the SUPERNATURAL and PARANORMAL in the world of sports


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Every holiday is always an appropriate time to celebrate DA Bears

osts looming throughout Wrigley Field. Dorms haunted by unfortunate football players. Spirits inside hotels tormenting the traveling player. Horrible fragments to open my blog... Curses are not the only sign of the otherworldly crossing-over into the world of sports, but don't worry; for those of you who want the curses, I have those for you too.

Take a look at these tales of the undead mingling with some of our favorite pastimes, and, once again, Happy Halloween.

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The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee caused one baseball player to sleep next to a bat for protection, while others have bunked-up together in the same room to ease the fright of its HAUNTINGS. Some players even request separate accommodations as they refuse to stay in the haunted hotel. From Tony LaRussa to Trevor Hoffman, the Pfister Hotel has garnished lots of special attention from MLB.

During this past season, or the ongoing one for this, good, baseball team, the Pfister was exceptionally disturbing. Edgar Renteria and Pablo Sandobal of the San Fransisco Giants fled after their experience with the hotel's dead tenants.

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Two football players are among the ghosts HAUNTING the halls of Iowa State University. One of the floors on Linden Hall is now mirror-less due to reports of the players being seen behind those who looked into the floor's mirrors.
Kansas State University is haunted by a football player KILLED during his last collegiate game. There is a lot of interesting discussion and first-hand accounts of stories passed-on concerning that matter available for viewing here.

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Ex-Bull Eddy Curry shacked-up with Nate Robinson while at the Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City. Frightened by the thoughts of ghosts, Curry claims he literally could not stop thinking about them: "Something is going on here," he stated. Legend has it that a woman in the 1930's JUMPED TO HER DEATH from the 10th floor while holding her child.

With as old as golf is, it is no wonder that so many of its courses are reported to be HAUNTED. Fort Leavenworth in Kansas is said to be home of Catherine Sutter's spirit which roams the grounds looking for her husband and children whom she lost in the 1880's

Sports fans have compiled a list too tall to imagine when it comes to SPORTS CURSES, but the top five from this list of 10 are: 5) The Madden Curse, 4) The Curse of Bobby Layne, 3) The Socceroos' Witch Doctor Curse, 2) The Curse of the Billygoat (hey- that one sounds familiar), and 1) The Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx.

Then, of course, there is the grand-daddy of them all; Chicago's very own HAUNTED WRIGLEY FIELD.

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Don Gordon, co-author of Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends, and Eerie Events, stated in an interview that the (maybe not-so-)Friendly Confines is the most haunted park on the planet.

From bullpen phones ringing at night to apparitions appearing in the press boxes and seats, Wrigley appears to be haunted by more than just the Cubs' baseball history.


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  • Excellent. Kudos for Wrigley, if that's true. Additionally, though not generally realized, Chicago is a high-stakes player not only in the world of the paranormal, but religion and pseudo-science as well. Equal to SanFran, Boston, London, or Bucharest. But don't quote me. Happy All-Hallow's Eve!

  • Neat article. When I was up in Milwaukee I went past the Pfister hotel many times and never knew it was haunted. Spooky!

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