Happy Halloween! Also... breaking urgent sports news you care about


May this year's Halloween bring you gray skies with creepy winds, creaking trees, chills creeping up your spine, and a murderous psychopath hot on your tail... I know that's how I like to celebrate.

This is by far my favorite holiday of the year, so to all you fellow Halloween-supporters, Happy Halloween.
My trick to you is: there is no breaking sports news that you care
about. I am sorry. The good news is, my treat to you is reminding you
that there is no Bears football on today! So, thankfully, you can sit
back and enjoy this Pagan-rooted holiday however pleases you best,
without having to watch any frightening Bears football.

History.com featured a lot of quality Halloween-related info on the
website recently. Below, I've provided links for those of you who may
be interested.

History of Halloween

Historic Haunts

Halloween World-wide

Jack-O-lantern History

Historical Ghost Stories


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Lastly, on somewhat of a sidenote, I would like to give a shout-out to Michael Myers- the true bad-ass of Halloween.

There is a litany of pathetic horror-movie sequels, but good 'ol Mike never gets old for me. The original Halloween is probably the greatest horror movie ever made, and even the sequels aren't too bad... for sequels...

...okay; parts three, six, and eight (Busta Rhymes!) are pretty weak, but that's still good for a horror franchise.

Any thoughts on this? Any of you out there? I will take the Halloween franchise over any other franchise in horror movie history... any takers?
Happy Halloween, and R.I.P.
--- AST


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  • FRANKENSTEIN, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN, FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN, HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. I guess that's my pick! That should be the correct order; covering roughly the years 1930 to 1945. However, excluding Classics, my next choice would be the mighty Freddie Franchise.

  • I have to go with Freddie as well, out of all of the halloween themed movies ive seen that to this day is the one that scared me the most and thus I have to give it my top spot.

  • In reply to gasman820:

    Thanks for the ditto!

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