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"The Stache" earns a new contract- Chicago Blackhawks extend Coach Joel Quenneville

  Today the Blackhawks announced the contract extension of coach Joel Quenneville. The extension will see Quenneville fronting the Haws through the 2013-14 season. During regular-season play, Quenneville has lead the Hawks to a record of 97-44-19 in 160 games. After the team’s Stanley Cup Championship season last year, the Blackhawks have compiled a postseason... Read more »

The Chicago Bears will be 16-0 this season...

New Bear Julius Peppers makes his impact on Lions QB Matt Stafford, who felt enough of it to stay out of the game following this fumble-causing sack on Sunday … or 1-15. Three days after what was arguably the most exciting game played on Sunday in the NFL, there is still very little that fans... Read more »

I want what the Bears are drinking- NFL Football

I want to start today by noting that I believe in the power of optimism. When a person is able to continually focus on positive thinking, feelings, and outcomes, I am one of those whackos who actually believes that can have a directly positive influence on that person’s life. That being said, I think the Bears... Read more »