Thought of the Day 8/12: Lou Piniella M.I.A.- Chicago Cubs "Baseball"

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I do not wish to talk about actual baseball; its football season as far as I'm concerned. However, I can't help but think that there is a correlation between a certain manager's recent retirement announcement and said manager's recent absence from one notably bad Chicago dugout. Hmmmm... who could it be?

I completely understand that family issues should always come before playing or managing a sport. No arguments there. Furthermore, I do not wish to make light of anyone's current family problems. Considering that, I feel like Lou is in a mode to take advantage of any opportunity which could arise to get him away from the Chicago Cubs.

Recent time off for Lou has been for both a death and an illness in his family, and that surely is terrible news. What this brings to light is that Lou is at a point in his life where baseball is really the least important thing to him. Likewise, a lingering Lou really does nothing to further the Cubs attempt to begin planning for the future.

Simply put, Lou should not be managing the Cubs anymore. Even if the only option is to give an interim title to Alan Trammell, it appears to be past the appropriate time for Lou and the Cubs to part ways, for the benefit of both parties. Would anyone be surprised if Lou begins to create some reasons for time off, as the rest of the season progresses, after having a taste of freedom recently?

Trips to the dentist? Jury duty? I know. Lou can have an immediate ranting outburst upon his arrival and publicly ask the Cubs for help... in the form of anger management. Hell, why not? Zambrano found a way to work that one out, why can't Lou?

I wouldn't blame Lou for taking an extra day of "travel" to sip some cocktails and relax after any of these trips, and I can't say I'd be surprised if there is more time off in the manager's future. The longer he is away from the Cubs, surely the better he feels. So why continue this dance- Mr. Hendry? Mr. Ricketts? Lou? Someone needs to step up advance the ending of this relationship.


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  • Come on. Its his mother, for the love a'Pete! By the way, would you have the ages of Lou and his mother, there in your journalistic archives?

  • Sorry to see Lou go when the CUBS would be better off if Henery would leave. If Henery would leave the may do something good. As long as Henery is there the CUBS will go know were. If he wants to help the team he would resign Today.

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