NHL 11 coming out September 7; Patrick Kane vs. Jonathon Toews video

For those of us who got hooked on last year's installment of the NHL[insert year here] video game franchise, September 7 cannot approach fast enough.

NHL 11.jpg

That is the day that fans will be able to get their hands on the new edition of the game, this year featuring captain Jonathon Toews on the cover. The Hawks have captured the cover of the franchise for two consecutive years now, with Kaner appearing on the cover last year.



The game is available on both XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, while Wii-owners can experience the specially-designed NHL 10.jpgNHL Slapshot, also available on September 7.

As addicting as last year's edition was, NHL 11 is sure to build on the massive success of NHL 10, offering fans and addicts plenty of reasons to commit to the game, and the Indian, again this year. The Kane/Toews angle is not being underused either. If the mere bonus of recognition for the Hawks isn't enough, fans are being treated with odd little treasures such as this video to both lure them in and get amped up for the upcoming season.



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  • Looks interesting, did you get it yet, or have you tried it. Let us know how it is!

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