Brett Favre DOESN'T Retire... Is anyone really surprised?


Did he dupe you again?

Ever since Lebron James announced that he was going to play in Miami, fans have harped on the theatrics and drama that James demanded for the announcement that he was essentially hanging Cleaveland out to dry. While I am one of these fans who found the entire display to be nausiating, let us make sure that we are placing true disgust where it deserves to go.

If Lebron James deserves half of the criticism that has come his way, Brett Favre deserves the other half and then some. After claiming he never leaked the recent reports that he was going to retire, Favre announced yesterday that he would return to the Vikings for a second, and supposedly final, year.

Shock should not be the reaction to this news. Anyone who has paid attention to Favre's antics over the past few seasons surely saw this one coming. His taste for flare has grown to epic proportions in recent history, and I find it not only believable, but completely likely, that Favre leaked the "retirement" story knowing full well that he would be returning to the team shortly. Isn't it so much more heroic? Despite his hurt knee, his hurt ankle, and his overall ailing body, this gladiator of a man has found the strength to attempt yet another season in the NFL; let us all bow and worship him in awe!

Or maybe not. Instead, let's acknowledge what a completely terrible ending to a fantastic career Favre has now served up for fans, the NFL, and himself. While he may very well succeed with Minnesota in the upcoming season, the man should now be remembered for his utter lack of professionalism in his twilight years. The only good news is that he says this will be his last year in the NFL.

Once again, I will believe that only after it has become well-known history. Until then, all we can do is hope that this actually will be the end... and that perhaps Darren Sharper makes good on his off-season statement.



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  • These prima-donnas who milk another 10 years out of their careers flip-flopping in and out of retirement, messing with the heads of millions of fans, under-performing. Its nauseating, and actually, O COLUMNIST! I would love to see a list of these fence-straddlers, with stats, and see who's the all-time leader. (Don't forget to include Sandburg).

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