Bears Preseason Salvation: The Chicago Blackhawks [Hawks news update]

Thumbnail image for Commit to the Indian!.jpgWith baseball and summer collectively winding down, and Bears preseason games offering little sanity, I offer, for your relief: thinking about the Blackhawks. You've already calmed down haven't you? Forgot about that last sack on Cutler? Don't mind that the Cubs probably won't win 70 games this year? Have you stopped worrying about the Sox playoff run and Derek Rose injuring himself outside of a Bulls uniform? There you go, friend; relax. Welcome to Blackhawk paradise.

There are those amongst Hawk nation who fear the upcoming season with all of its roster changes. I am not one of them. In the recent hot weeks, hockey had almost wandered away from my mind until I recently thought, "What am I worried about the Bears for? We've got the Hawks!" Don't get me wrong, I will watch every second of every Bears game, no matter how agonizing it is, but I see some incredibly low lows in store for Bears fans this year, along with some fleeting highs.

That being said, I'm using the mighty Blackhawks to alleviate my preseason Bears stress. The upcoming season is sure to be exciting as the Hawks seek to defend the Stanley Cup. There are plenty of new players to root for as well, along with viewing the continuing development of the team's dazzling core. For those of you not keeping up with all things Hawks lately, here's a bit of an update on the goings-on. I hope looking forward to hockey season is as soothing for you all as it is for me.


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  • It was sad to see so many Hawks go but new players are always fun and interesting. I look forward to seeing how they do!

  • Hard to believe its almost puck-slappin' time again, already!

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