GMs Throughout Chicago Busy Busy Busy

The MLB trading deadline is only a few days away, and Stan Bowman is only days away from facing an arbitrator to settle the Antti Niemi contract. On top of that, there is still some lingering Tracy McGrady/Chicago Bulls buzz sticking around. This surely is an interesting gathering of storms with four out of the five major GMs in town are busy tinkering with their respective rosters.

Chicago Cubs

Much is the same out of Cub camp these days; Ted Lilly and Kosuke Fukudome are the most likely to go, with the Cubs reportedly offering to pay some of Fukudome's contract to move him. Recent reports have interest in Ryan Theriot popping up, and I still hold out hope for finding a way to move other veterans like Derek Lee, Carlos Silva, Tom Gorzelanny, or (ha, yeah right) Carlos Zambrano. None of these are likely to happen, but Cub fans are used to clinging to hope; so I'm clinging to mine.

Chicago White Sox

Rumors always fly like coked-up evil monkeys around the MLB trading deadline, and this year is no different. The Sox are currently rumored to be looking at a number of different deals, most involving the acquisition of either Adam Dunn or Prince Fielder. Either powerful left-handed bat would surely give the Sox something they currently lack, but at what price? Most fans seem hesitant to want to trade away youth for either player, but if I were a Sox fan, I would be taking a hard look at how to get Fielder in a Sox uniform for the next year-and-a-half. However, trading away a chunk of the team's core may be the only way to accomplish this, and Kenny Williams usually ends up surprising people as opposed to doing what has been predicted... so, as usual, only time will tell.

Chicago Blackhawks

Antti Niemi's arbitration case is set for July 29- that is only two days away for those of you without calendars. If Hawk GM Stan Bowman and Niemi/Bill Zito (agent) cannot come to an agreement by Thursday, an arbitration hearing will then settle his salary for the upcoming season. If the hearing leaves the Hawks short of being able to pay Niemi, the current favorite to replace him has to be veteran goaltender, most recently of the , Marty Turco (see the end of this article). I still hold out hope for the younger Niemi, but the Hawks likely would still be a force with Turco, so fret not Hawk fans.

Chicago Bulls

While, thankfully, the most recent reports indicate that the Bulls will not be signing broken down, ex-superstar Tracy McGrady who recently worked out for the team. Seeing as there have been no positive reports following any of McGrady's workouts with the Bulls or the other teams that recently took a look at him. Although word isn't final, these recent reports are good news for Chicago basketball fans.


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  • This is definitely a tense and hopefully exciting time for chicago sports fans.

  • Also, a tense and exciting time for Blagoevich fans - not that I'm one of them!

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