Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship DVD Less than One Week Away

Hawks Stanley Cup DVD.jpg

T-shirts are great. Coasters, beer coolers, flags, pennants, magazines, newspaper clippings, hats, pajamas, towels, pucks, buttons, and glasses are fun too. However, next Tuesday, the one piece of Hawk memorabilia that is essential for every Hawk fan will be released: the Stanley Cup Championship DVD/Blu-Ray disc.

Nothing will ever help all of us remember this remarkable season like this collection of highlights and interviews encompassing the entire regular season, postseason, and, of course, the smashing of the inferior Philadelphia Flyers in the Finals.

I can guarantee that all of us have already forgotten some of the moments that had us antsy and excited during the regular season. Over a stretch of 82 games, its hard to remember everything that you want to (although this may help), but nothing will aid in this like the collection set to be released Tuesday July 20.

I for one expect this disc to be overplayed in my Blu-Ray player no later than the following Saturday after its release.


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  • Yeah, they've been re-playing the games at night , too. I forget what network.

  • Well, now that its been released what are your thoughts? Is it as good as expected?

  • In reply to gasman820:

    It's quite awesome. I was a bit disappointed in the minimal regular season coverage, as that's what we've all forgotten about the most, but as a whole the DVD is very pleasing and captures most of the best moments from any point of the regular season or the playoffs

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