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Validation! For once a team that we were all rooting for, which we knew was better than any other team, has followed through: the Chicago Blackhawks are Stanley Cup Champions. This will be short and sweet, with more in-depth looks back at the Hawks amazing run to come, and this would have been posted last night were it not due to a power outtage roughly a half hour after the game (which I secretly credit to the massive amount of partying taking place throughout Chicagoland).

 Of course the game had to go into overtime, and Kaner's game-winner will surely go down in history and be contorted a million different ways. The odd delay in assurance that the goal was good, though I like many others will claim that we knew it right away (just like Kane did), gives winning the Stanley Cup a unique detail- the very kind of oddity that this town will love to tell and retell.

For now, let's relish in these upcoming days and truly soak in a perfect Chicago sports story. For people around my age (25), namely those of us who are not Sox fans, this is the first real championship we've been able to root for and appreciate. I wasn't one yet when the Bears won their last championship, and I was 13 during the Bulls' last championship run. I was too young to understand how special your team winning a title really is; it always felt like the Bulls were supposed to win, so anything else simply didn't seem conceivable.

To wrap it up: thank you Blackhawks, members both on and off the ice. This season was everything that it could have been. Shortly we can begin reminiscing... and then looking forward again.


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