NHL Stanley Cup Finals: One More Win Needed for the Blackhawks to Claim the Stanley Cup

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Finally the Blackhawks played like the team we know they are. Sunday night's first period was probably the best all-around period the Hawks have played in the playoffs, and it couldn't have come fast enough.

The 3-0 lead the Hawks captured in the first carried them for the rest of the game, although the Flyers kept finding ways to stay close enough to keep things relatively interesting. The best thing about the win is the sure boost it had to give the Hawk players, who reminded themselves as well as fans that they are capable of dominating any opponent.

With the smell of blood now in the water, hopefully this collective, controlled confidence will translate into an equally spirited and desperate attempt by the Hawks on Wednesday. When this team is focused and literally giving 100%, no one can beat them. If the Hawks can match the intensity that they brought to the table in game during game six in Philly, this series will be over.

Of course, the Flyers have battled back in every playoff series they've been in, so they still remain dangerous. Here's to Big Bufff slamming Pronger around on his home ice and the Hawks controlling the puck up-and-down and the momentum for one more game... that's all we need. The worst thing now is the wait.


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  • I have learned, this year, that hockey can be fun. And, I'm proud of our team. But, I still can't believe they get away with that name/logo. HOW? {get it?)

  • In reply to Jimbabwe:

    One reason: everyone is committed to the Indian!

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