Blackhawks vs Flyers in Game 4 of Stanley Cup Finals- Tomorrow Night

So, I had to wait 24 hours before responding to game three. Part of this was due to mild depression, while the rest of the blame must go to beer, whiskey, and Taco Bell... all of which were closely tied to the primary cause: depression.

But I digress, so let me continue. The Blackhawks lost last night, falling in overtime 4-3. Once again, however, viewers were treated to a thrilling game. The only thing worse than the outcome was the split second of doubt I allowed to eek into my mind... before crushing it with a large and disgruntled Indian head.

Going into the series, I didn't expect a sweep (though I wouldn't have been surprised had it come to fruition) but, that being said, how could I worry about one measly loss to the Flyers? I said Hawks in five, so at the moment I still cannot worry. The Flyers were bound to win one, and their first game at home certainly looked like their best chance initially anyways.

The Blackhawks have continually stepped up after losses, primarily in the playoffs, so I expect nothing but that in game four. I don't predict a blowout, but history tells us we will see a disciplined, tactical, and well executed game from the Hawks tomorrow. If I were the Flyers, I would be scared to see what Antti Niemi brings to the table, as he is the big reason for the Hawks' success following poor performances/losses.

After the win tomorrow, everyone will once again calm down (just like against Nashville and the so-called Canucks). Furthermore, everyone in Chicago will be elated that the team then has a chance to win the Stanley Cup on home ice. If they don't win? Well... I'm sorry; I refuse to discuss alternate realities until they force themselves into my recognition.

Let's just say that I am fully confident in predicting massive partying throughout Chicagoland tomorrow night. If that is not at least in-part due to a Hawk win, two things will happen: 1) it will be more than a 24 hour lapse between our next correspondence, and 2) when I do return, I will remain equally cocky in picking the Hawks and not give a damn that the series is tied. Let's go Hawks!


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  • Can we be honest? As Chicagoans, doubt does not eeke into our minds for a split second (although confidence sometimes does!) Doubt, I think, is more like that gigantic gorilla crouching in the corner, that everyone sees but no one will acknowledge is there. Nevertheless, I am confident about Sunday,s game!

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    Yeah, game four obviously very diappointing. This just proves how consistently intense the Stanley Cup Finals are. All we can do now is look on to the rest of the games. We win 2 of 3 and we have the cup- let's spread that confidence and slaughter that gorilla!

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    I'm telling PETA on you

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