Moving Randy Wells to the Bullpen is the Dumbest Move the Cubs can Make

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Do Not Move This Man

I thought the initial move of Zambrano to the pen was ridiculous. I found the Cubs comments and reasons to move him back into the rotation made them sound increasingly stupid (though putting him back to the rotation he should have never left was a good move). Now, with Z's return the pen imminent, the question becomes who will take his place in the pen?

Consider that the biggest surprise of last season, besides the Cubs flat-out sucking, was the emergence of Randy Wells. As a fan that is aware of the deadly combination of old and bad currently assembled on the Cubs roster, the few talented young players that we have are essentially the only exciting reason I have to watch a Cub game this season.

Watching Carlos Marmol close out the few ninth inning leads the Cubs have is great, and it is awesome to see this man putting it all together and having the season we've all been waiting for in the closer's role. Starling Castro and Tyler Colvin are exciting because they are already good players and show plenty of potential to improve. I do not believe in this current Cub roster, so rooting for our young(er) talent to produce and improve is all I have.

Moving Randy Wells out of the rotation, where he has been great since entering, would be absolutely ridiculous. I understand that the 6-0 Carlos Silva cannot be moved to the pen yet, considering how well he has done, but taking Wells out of his successful role will only give the Cubs a chance to ruin another starter from their own farm system.

Why GM Jim Hendry and the occasionally conscious manager Lou Piniella would not move the veteran Tom Gorzelanny into the pen baffles me. Although Gorzelanny's numbers and outings have been pretty good this season as well, why would the Cub organization chance stunting the growth of an (arguably, despite being 27) up-and-coming Randy Wells when the seasoned and inconsistent (career-wise) Gorzelanny is sitting in the same rotation makes no since.

I do not care about the bullpen becoming left-handed heavy by moving Gorzelanny. What concerns me is the Cubs actively attempting to make their rotation worse. Moving Zambrano to the pen was overly-stupid in the first place; moving Randy Wells there to fill Z's void is equally absent-minded.

We need our best pitchers starting games and, no matter how well Gorzelanny has pitched, the Cubs will be a better and more exciting team to watch if Randy Wells stays in the rotation.

With that, I simply want to beg the Cubs to stop DRIVING ME CRAZY! I want to like you. I can't help being a fan of your team, but as this season goes on, I find it harder and harder to be proud of being a Cub fan. If this move goes through, and Wells is pitching out of the pen in the near future, the only silver lining can be that perhaps this will inch owner Tom Ricketts closer to blowing up this debacle and attempting to start fresh next year.

At this point, Cub nation can't say goodbye to Lou and Hendry (and hell, how about all of our over-paid, under-productive veterans) soon enough.


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  • It may not be the Cubs driving you crazy, but the combination of Cubs/Blackhawks which, like mixing barbiturates and amphetamines, could be jamming your brain chemistry, no? What's your Cup prediction?

  • In reply to Jimbabwe:

    Cubs prediction? Bad. But I'd enjoy being surprised. If you push me for a record... how about 79-83. I just don't have the faith yet, although Carlos Silva is surely helping that.

    As far as the Hawks, they have helped to alleviate my Cubs frustrations. However, unfortunately, those frustrations remain. Go HAWKS! And (I guess) go Cubs (this enthusiasm should increase after the Hawks have won the cup and I have nothing else to look forward to).

  • In reply to Jimbabwe:

    Yeah I believe some frustration is caused by the success of the Hawks. As Cubs fans we do not and have not had much to be overly happy about in the past few seasons, or longer even. But now seeing a Chicago team be successful causes us to want the Cubs to do the same and since they are not this rage boils. Even though the Cubs are not doing crazily or unexpectedly bad. Nonetheless Go Hawks, Go Cubs.

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