Sports Fan Ultimatums: What Would You Do?

Your favorite team is appearing in a decisive game, but you have long cemented plans on that day. Assuming you cannot go see the sporting event live, what do you do? Ditch your plans or miss your team's potential last game/thrilling victory?

Is there anything that would keep you from your TV-- what event would cause you to miss such a game? Or, switching the tables, what type of sporting event would force you to lay aside two-month old plans (and time/money invested) to watch it from your home?

With last week's potential for a Hawks v. Predators game 7 on Wednesday night, this incurred some discussion between me and a friend. The problem? A large group of friends and I have been waiting to go see the controversial newly reformed and reunited version of Sublime on that very night. Now, I told him not to worry and that the Hawks would wrap things up for us in game 6 so as not to cause any distractions, but the potential remained.

Personally, considering my lack of tickets to game 7 which would instead find me planted on the couch again watching my beloved Hawks, I still would have gone to the show... constantly updating my cell for scores of course. He hesitated, but agreed.

If the surviving members of Sublime had found a way to resurrect original frontman Bradley Nowell, or someone had offered me tickets to the Hawks' game 7, my decision would have been much harder. Thankfully we did not have to worry about any of that as the Hawks killed of the Preds in 6.

But it got me thinking; what would cause me to miss a more important game-- say... game 7 of the Western Conference finals or, more harrowing yet, the Stanley Cup? Under either of those circumstances, I may be ripping up my concert tickets, if I can't sell them, and happily planting myself on the couch.

I guess what this comes down to is rare music opportunities versus rare sporting events. If you miss either one, you may never get a chance to see anything like it ever again.

So, what events pitted against each other would leave you with a difficult choice, or would either sports or music win-out every time? Give me some interesting conflicts!

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For me, I'm choosing the easy way out and saying it would always be circumstantial. The worst possible scenario for me would have to be a Cubs World Series Game 7 vs. a one-night only reunion of Led Zeppelin (with a resurrected John Bonham of course). Instead of choosing between the two, I may just opt for suicide and assume from beyond that both turned out awesome; at least then I would not have officially picked one over the other.


How about you?


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  • Leaving fantasy out (say, a 1969 Cubs team World Series game 7 [did they have 7 back then?] vs. a pre- 'Dark Side of the Moon' Pink Floyd matinee concert in Grant Park), my choice would be easy: stay-at-home television events win every time!

  • Hmm I would have to go with the zeppelin because, I feel that the cubs have a decent chance of making/winning the world series in my lifetime, at least more than a bonham reunited Led Zeppelin. I do feel that your scenario would be one of the hardest ones to choose from though.

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