Ominous Stat Exposes Cubs As Worse Than You Thought... (A.K.A. I Love the Brewers)

Although the Cubs are 5-5 over the last ten games, three of those wins came from last weekend's sweep of the Milwaukee Brewers. While their overall record of 10-13 is disappointing enough, closer inspection of the team's record reveals an even more disturbing statistic.


I can't believe I actually want to see more of the Brewers...

Of their 10 total wins, the Cubs have racked up five of those against the Brewers. Half of the Cubs' wins have come against Milwaukee, dropping their record against teams other than the Brewers down to 5-13.

While I enjoy whacking around the Brewers as much as any Cub fan, showing this type of weakness against the rest of the incredibly average National League does not bode well for the Northsiders. The Cubs have lost two games each to the likes of the Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, and the Washington Nationals, in addition to the three handed down to them by the Mets and today's loss to Arizona. Combined, those six teams are below .500 at 63-68.

The solution? The Cubs and new owner Tom Ricketts must petition commissioner Bud Selig and the rest of MLB to shift their schedule so that the Cubs play 50% of their games against the Brewers. Assuming the Cubs' 5-1 record against the Brew Crew can be extrapolated, the Cubs would then (roughly) be 67-14. Likewise assuming the Cubs repeat their 5-13 record out amongst the remaining half of their games, they would be (again, roughly) 23-58, or 90-72 overall. This would at least give the club a decent shot at winning their division.

So, if the Cubs can play the Brewers for half of the season, we stand a chance! Once we get that to happen, perhaps we can work out playing the Pirates for the second half of the season. We'd have to take the division for sure then... right?

This season has been sad enough already; our best immediate prospect was sent back to the minors after an amazing spring, watching a pitcher paid like an ace being moved to the bullpen (which I still think is one of the absolute stupidest moves any Chicago franchise has ever made), three rookies starting the season out of the pen, and the few thin strands of hope Cub fans could dream about grasping at are fading away with April. Knowing exactly how rough the entire league, minus the Brewers, has been on the Cubs seems to be the perfect icing on this April Cub cake.

We can only hope Lou decides to put down the bottle and find Bob Brenly or Steve Stone's thinking cap and attempt some productive moves to fix this team. If not, our best bet may be to root for disaster.


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  • The best part of the Cub's 2010 season: the sweet new catchers gear they are sporting. Besides that I would rather watch Riverdance than a cubbie game!

    Oh yes, I predict Lou will wake up and bring Z back into the rotation within two weeks. The week following that will be when he sends Lily to the minors.

  • In reply to samdidier:

    Oh no! Riverdance? Lilly to the minors? Sounds like the countdown to Bears training camp will be starting shortly...

  • In reply to samdidier:

    yeah, that would be horrible

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