Bears Fix '07 Mistake and Address Weak Secondary


In 2007, the Bears traded safety Chris Harris to the Carolina Panthers for a draft pick that eventually turned into the, so far, undazzling Zackary Bowman. The next year Harris set a Panther record with 8 forced fumbles. That was such a sweet deal...

Well, today the Bears traded for none other than safety Chris Harris. While Harris is far from a shut-down safety in the backfield, he immediately becomes the best safety on the Bears' roster, and fills a hole that has been vacant, in a sense, since his initial departure. Harris is excited to return to the Bears, and fans should be thankful to have him.

The best part of the deal is only giving up backup linebacker, a position where the Bears are arguably deep, Jamar Williams in return. Losing a part-time role-player and gaining an immediate starter, to perhaps the weakest point of your defense, is a no-brainer that the Bears have not always pulled the trigger on in the past.

Bear fans have been only given reason to hope during this off season, watching as the team has at least attempted to fill most of the various holes on the roster. The defensive line, running game, and secondary have all been addressed now.

Only the obvious weakness at offensive line has not been clearly tended to, and with veteran guard Alan Faneca signing with the Cardinals earlier today, the Bears will have to look further if they tend to address the O-line via free agents or released players.

All-in-all however, the Bears are having a refreshingly productive offseason that should at least keep the thought of Bear football enticing throughout the summer.


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  • That is cool, hopefully there are no hard feelings at all. Im sure this happens somewhat frequently but Ive never seen it before, this quickly at least.

  • 1. "the so far undazzling Zack Bowman" ? In essentially his rookie year he had 6 interceptions. Four players in the NFL had more than that. Four.

    2."The best part of the deal is only giving up backup linebacker.."

    Do you watch football? Jamar Williams should have been starting all year long. The only start Lovie gave the man, he responded with 18 tackles! He can play Sam, Mike or Will. Meanwhile, Hunter Hillenmeyer was doing a very bad impression of a middle linebacker, having one, arguably two decent games out of 13. Lovie sticks with his players until it's too late. Jamar Williams is the next Lance Briggs, and we traded him for a guy that was about to be cut within days.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Do you watch the Bears?

    Remember when Nate Vasher was called "the Interceptor"? And oh... yeah, we just cut him. 6 pics does not make the guy a good defender; it's nice sure, but you need a lot more than that. I'm not saying Zackary Bowman is awful, but we got him instead of two solid years out of Chris Harris while our safeties have, at best, struggled.

    Furthermore, to assume that Jamar Williams is "going to be the next Lance Briggs" is ridiculous. You're assuming because he had one great game that he is as good as one of the best linebackers in the league-- good luck with that.

    My point with the linebackers is that it is really the ONLY position at which the Bears had any depth at all. Using that depth to improve a glaring weakness on your team is a good idea.

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