Are the Blackhawks done?

In short, no. But the general buzz seems to be rather drunk on Cub-like panic, so I'd like to share my thoughts to see what others out there think. The Blackhawks are down two games to one now, but I still think they will win this series. Fear not Blackhawk nation, keep the faith!

The passing has been sloppy at best and scoring seems to be harder than at any point during the regular season (go figure). But the key to my current lack of panic is that I do not believe the Predators can beat the Hawks two games in a row.


The disappointments so far in this series should not be charged to Niemi

That may seem irrelevant, but think about it. I have full confidence that the Hawks are capable of regrouping again and showing up Thursday night in Nashville with a shutdown performance. Niemi looked excellent in game two, and his game one performance was solid minus that odd bouncing puck (that he later admitted he still should have had). Likewise, the defense was much more effective in game two, although the passing was still average and they only pushed across two goals.


However, with another comeback game by the defense and Niemi, the offense can likely gain the advantage in shots on goal again, which they claimed in game two (game one was even). So, say the Hawks even the series up at 2-2 on Thursday; do you then believe the Hawks will come back home to choke again in game five?

I do not. I will not let my Cubs pessimism soak into my hockey world. After the Hawks take game four in Nashville, no one will care about game three anymore. At that point I see the Hawks taking game five in Chicago, and then wrapping up the series with momentum in Nashville for game six. If not, then game seven would be in Chicago, and I'll take the Hawks in that game as well.

All in all, I'll take the Hawks in six. Anyone with me?


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  • I'm with you. I just wish the Hawks would have held off on the 4/20 celebrations until after the game. But your confidence is rubbing off on me.

  • I'm not sure. I love the Hawks and have tried to remain optimistic, but in all honesty, they have not played up to their game this entire series. They won Game 2, but with the way they played that game, I think they were lucky to get out with a win. I want to believe, but I'm on the fence right now. If they start living up to their words by actually keeping it simple, and get over their presumption that they are going to advance to the next round, then I'll feel differently. Their performance thus far has been sub-par at best and has made be believe they are a bunch of premadonnas. Get that out of the way, and then I'd be with you.

  • Ill go with ya, on this one. Atleast they have not done something as stupid as moving their "ace"(<-- although thats a long shot)Zambrano to the bullpen.

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