4/20 and Chicago Sports: A Slideshow


Everyone was made aware of the Michael Phelps bong photo when that became all the buzz following its release, and from time to time minor stories and comments from althletes come out hinting towards or completely uncovering certain preferences of their personal lives.

But what of Chicago sports althletes specifically? Here is a bit of speculation into which of your favorite Chicago sports stars might be celebrating more than a Blackhawk victory tonight.

Drugs have found numerous successful methods to gain infamy within the sports world. Although much of this now comes directly back to the beaten horse of steroids, weird sports drug stories are far from rare. From DOC ELLIS PITCHING A NO HITTER WHILE ON LSD, to DJ Gallo's "All-Weed Dream Team" for the NFL, and of course the NBA, this article will fill you in on a few outrageous stories you may have missed. 

Casey Gane-McCalla also takes a look at the "Top 5 Weedhead Athletes," offering up a few names that may surprise you. Former Chicago Bull Corey Blount recieves a special mention as well, for once being caught with 29 pounds of marijuana.

As "un-PC" as this may sound, I almost find it refreshing that at least not all althetes who are busted for drug possession or use are caught with steroids. I'd rather have my drugged-up althetes pondering munchies from the dugout than slamming records into oblivion with steroids anyday.



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  • I agree with your last point for sure. I cant believe that Corey Blount was caught with 29 pounds, that's crazy.

  • Yeah, good point. Some of these atheletes are not all they're CRACKED up to be. (Oops! My spelling's not quite right either.)

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