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Ominous Stat Exposes Cubs As Worse Than You Thought... (A.K.A. I Love the Brewers)

Although the Cubs are 5-5 over the last ten games, three of those wins came from last weekend’s sweep of the Milwaukee Brewers. While their overall record of 10-13 is disappointing enough, closer inspection of the team’s record reveals an even more disturbing statistic. I can’t believe I actually want to see more of the... Read more »

Sports Fan Ultimatums: What Would You Do?

Your favorite team is appearing in a decisive game, but you have long cemented plans on that day. Assuming you cannot go see the sporting event live, what do you do? Ditch your plans or miss your team’s potential last game/thrilling victory? Is there anything that would keep you from your TV– what event would... Read more »

Bears Fix '07 Mistake and Address Weak Secondary

In 2007, the Bears traded safety Chris Harris to the Carolina Panthers for a draft pick that eventually turned into the, so far, undazzling Zackary Bowman. The next year Harris set a Panther record with 8 forced fumbles. That was such a sweet deal… Well, today the Bears traded for none other than safety Chris... Read more »

Blackhawks prove me right; now for more predictions

Everyone was freaking out after the loss to those predatory Nashville Predators in game three, putting the Hawks in a 1-2 hole. Immediately after that loss, the magnetic doodle board on my fridge read “Hawks in 6!” (click for dated proof) Cub fan that I am, I wondered if I might have just jinxed them… but... Read more »

Are the Blackhawks done?

In short, no. But the general buzz seems to be rather drunk on Cub-like panic, so I’d like to share my thoughts to see what others out there think. The Blackhawks are down two games to one now, but I still think they will win this series. Fear not Blackhawk nation, keep the faith! The... Read more »

4/20 and Chicago Sports: A Slideshow

Everyone was made aware of the Michael Phelps bong photo when that became all the buzz following its release, and from time to time minor stories and comments from althletes come out hinting towards or completely uncovering certain preferences of their personal lives. But what of Chicago sports althletes specifically? Here is a bit of speculation into... Read more »

2010 Blackhawks: So Far, So Good

  Although the Hawks lost in overtime to the dreaded Red Wings today, the team (and fans alike), can concentrate on what we’ve all truly been waiting for since early last summer. The Hawks sealed up the second seed in the NHL’s Western Conference today, finishing one point behind top-seeded San Jose.   It may... Read more »