R.I.P. March; the Worst Sports Month of the Year

It is almost over! I for one find March to be the most depraved sports month of the year, largely due to everyone's coveted March Madness, and am overly excited that the calendar will officially turn after today.

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College Sports: unnecessary and unflattering

I cannot stand college sports. While I understand the enjoyment in watching athletes earn their way into professional sports, there is simply so much bad during any of these games for me to enjoy them. College sports are generally gimmicky and full of chuckleheads that lay claim to undeserving amounts of fame.


Therefore, I obviously find no sanctuary in what nearly all other sports fans consume their time with during March: March Madness. Everyone points to buzzer-beaters and upsets as highlights of March Madness; Spare me! I am interested in professionals playing sports, not wannabes. For those of us who find March Madness to be unenjoyable, March only has three things to offer:

1. NBA Basketball

2. NHL Hockey

3. Spring Training Baseball

When I was younger, I could cling to daily reports from spring training and get excited about the rapidly approaching baseball season. I believe my recent thoughts on spring training baseball are well-documented, so I will not begin that rant again. Let's just say that meaningless and generally un-telling spring training baseball no longer holds much, if any, value in my eyes.

That being said, basketball and hockey can surely help soothe the sports wasteland that is March, but this year certainly did not offer much help.

The Bulls' exciting push for the playoffs: really not that exciting. Do you really care if the Bulls clinch the eight seed and slide into the playoffs? While the debate will always rage between better draft picks or playoff experience, neither one is guaranteed to help the Bulls next year. I'm not saying root against your favorite NBA team, but if the Bulls were a legitimate contender, this so-called "playoff-push" may have actually been exciting.

And then there are the Hawks. For a majority of the season, I thought the Hawks push for the playoffs and home ice would keep me contently interested throughout March. However, the Hawks disappointed in the month which was by far their worst of the season.

March 2010 was defined by disappointing Blackhawk play, unimportant Bulls basketball, and the always annoying components of spring training baseball and March Madness. Here's to April picking things back up.


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  • I couldn't agree more about March. I too dislike college basketball. I just find it sloppy. Low scores, lots of 3 pointers, longer shot clock, tons of turnovers. Just not nearly as crisp as professional basketball. Sure, I'll watch a game here and there (usually near the final four), but I'm not a fan.

  • Ditto and ditto. I just know we'll all feel better after opening day. Baseball and Frisbee are the only two ALL-American sports! Question: Will this column be a source of optimism during the Cubs' coming struggles?

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