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Blackhawks: A Rebirth in Minnesota

While I was watching the Blackhawks dominate the Minnesota Wild tonight, I kept looking outside, half expecting to see snow falling to the ground. It felt like I was back in December and January when the Hawks were manhandling anyone who dared to take the ice against them. Tonight’s win was overly satisfying. The defense... Read more »

The Chicago Cubs 2010: Let's Root for Early Disaster!

As much as I love the Cubbies, I’m on the verge of rooting for their 2010 season to be a bust. The way I see it, if they are bad enough by the All-Star Break, the Ricketts and Jim Hendry might be forced to unload whatever veteran talent other teams will take in efforts to... Read more »

R.I.P. March; the Worst Sports Month of the Year

It is almost over! I for one find March to be the most depraved sports month of the year, largely due to everyone’s coveted March Madness, and am overly excited that the calendar will officially turn after today. College Sports: unnecessary and unflattering I cannot stand college sports. While I understand the enjoyment in watching... Read more »

Chicago Cubs Ruin Blackhawks 2010 Season

That’s right. Instead of getting on the Hawks about looking like crap essentially since the Olympic break, and especially for losing two consecutive games to the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets, I have found a therapeutic outlet for any suicidal or homicidal thoughts that may have been entering my head: BLAME THE CUBS INSTEAD. Trust me;... Read more »

Blackhawk's next game a "MUST WIN"

After another lead-blowing loss, the Blackhawks are now 4-4-2 during the last 10 games; their worst stretch of the season since going 5-5 in late October/early November. Even though they had the shut-out win Thurday against the L.A. Kings, I think the Hawks game Tuesday at home is a must win game, especially considering its... Read more »

"Beer Pong broke my nose" and other freak sport injuries

Since the Hawks have essentially lost for the last week, save for Thursday’s win in LA, I wanted to think about other people hurting to get my mind off of that madness. Washing my hands and looking in the mirror, however, forced me to continue to think about past pain inflicted onto me. I caught... Read more »

Ovechkin Ejection Spoiled Hawks v Capitals... and so did losing

After Alex Ovechkin was ejected for sending defenseman Brian Campbell to the boards during the midpoints of today’s 1st period at the United Center, I was overly disappointed. All week I had been looking forward to this potential Stanley Cup preview, and without Ovechkin on the ice for the Capitals I found myself saying, “I... Read more »

Hawks blow late lead and solid Huet performance

Well that sucked. After Hossa’s goal late in the 3rd period, it looked like the Hawks had wrapped up the Philadelphia Flyers. But after tying the game off of a turnover, the Flyers then proceeded to score with just over two seconds left, wrapping up a rapid comeback. The worst part of this loss, besides... Read more »

Dusty Baker v. Lou Piniella: Who will win?

                          The Debate: Lou VS Dusty Heading into the fourth season under a manager, Uncle Lou, that I have waning trust in, I have found myself reminiscing about heading into the fourth season under Dusty Baker in 2006. Although Lou’s record is obviously the better of the two, to this point Dusty brought the team closer... Read more »

Spring Training Baseball sucks worse than Olympic Hockey

Recently I complained about the entertaining, yet somewhat disappointing, stint of Olympic Hockey. While I did stress that overall I enjoyed watching the Olympic ice battles, and that I simply would have prefered an NHL All-Star break and game, I found emotional investment in the bouts to be rather unfruitful. That being said, there may... Read more »