Chicago Cubs Ruin Blackhawks 2010 Season

That's right. Instead of getting on the Hawks about looking like crap essentially since the Olympic break, and especially for losing two consecutive games to the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets, I have found a therapeutic outlet for any suicidal or homicidal thoughts that may have been entering my head:


Trust me; it works, and it feels relatively awesome to allow yourself to still love the Hawks while adding to the list of injustices the Cubs have done to you. Allow me to explain myself...

Cubs Eat Hawks.JPG

Granted, for a Cubs fan the list of Cub letdowns that I've personally experienced is relatively short, yet I present this as my main piece of evidence as to why we should blame the Cubs for the current Blackhawk panic.


  • ITEM #1- Cubby Choke-Jobs

1998- Mark Grace catches the third out and the Cubs win game 163 to make the playoffs. Although no one expects them to do anything, this sweep from Atlanta may be the worst matchup in an NLDS I have ever seen.

2003- One win to go and Mark Prior and Kerry Wood lined up for Games 6 & 7; we were all set! Then it was only five outs away from the World Series late in Game 6. And then Wood hit a HR in game 7 to keep us all interested... and none of it mattered. Damn me for even bringing this one up...

2004- Do you remember Latroy Hawkins against the New York Mets in the final week of the season? Atrocious! This team actually had a better record than the '03 club, and was expected to show this in the playoffs. However, our '04 Cubbies performed so terribly down the stretch that they seemed eager to surrender first place in the division, which they did.

The Lou Tenure; 2007-09/(10?)

Although Lou performed a small miracle in turning the '07 team around after a dismal start, getting swept by Arizona ummm... well, it sucked. The next year the team wasted 97 wins, and the Dodgers series felt like it was over half way through game one.

We all remember how barely finishing above .500 felt last year, but do me a favor and think now:

How has the recent Blackhawk pants-crapping marathon felt to you? My answer would be: rather similar to watching the Cubs getting choked-out like a rotating collection of pansies anytime they got close to accomplishing something for the last 12 years.

My theory is we, or I at least, wouldn't feel as on edge about the Hawks right now if it weren't for our experiences as Cub fans. I am currently partly preparing myself for a first round sweep of the Hawks and trying to legitimize why I should still feel good about "next year" for them. Now, this doesn't say anything for the Sox fans who feel as worried about the Hawks as I do... but who cares?

The Hawk fan inside of me is screaming that the team is going to snap awake for the playoffs and demonstrate their ability to dominate once again. I truly believe that I would not be this worried about the Hawks if the Cubs had ever done finished what they started in my lifetime.

  • Item #2- It Feels Good to Blame the Cubs

The logical part of my brain still tells me that the Cubs have no impact whatsoever on the Hawks, but the last two weeks have felt awkwardly like Cubby Gloomdom. That being said, it simply feels good to blame the Cubs for the way I've been thinking about the Hawks while attempting to reassert my faith that the team will look as amazing as it did through November, December, and January.

  • Item #3- I Want to Look Forward to Postseason Hockey

This recent Hawk scare has almost had me looking forward to being able to watch baseball in these upcoming months, but that is not what I want. I want to enjoy this Hawk postseason run and go into it expecting to enjoy it, not with a shadow of gloom ruining all the fun.

By the way, the Hawks have now clinched a playoff spot, so: woo-hoo! At least we have that for sure.


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  • I do agree that from being a Cubs fan I have an unfair bias towards all sports teams that I root for will be sure to fail if they achieve a postseason run. It is very unfortunate but I suppose that I can never be disappointed when a team I support makes it to the post season now!!! That being said I still support those teams even if I feel they will shortly blow it. GO HAWKS!!!!

  • In reply to gasman820:

    Oh yeah, I have to agree: you can never stop rooting. Even for the crappy Cubs, who I half hate for making me the bitter pessimist that I sometimes am, I will never stop rooting. That's why it IS a problem; I can't stop rooting and caring no matter how low my logical expectations are.

    Go Hawks, Bears, Cubs, and Bulls! I'm fine with the Sox being mediocre again, but if they're good, I guess that's acceptable.

  • In reply to gasman820:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, my memory is a little fuzzy (I was in re-hab last Spring) Did not the Hawks just pull a Cubbie-style choke at the end of LAST season? Anyways, I think this year will go better.

  • In reply to Jimbabwe:

    Certainly not sir. Although they did not make it to the Stanley Cup, many people saw the Hawks merely making the playoffs and perhaps advancing one round.

    As it was, they advanced two rounds, making it to the Conference Finals. Not improving upon that this year would be disappointing, but last year could not be considered a "choke job."

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