Blackhawk's next game a "MUST WIN"

After another lead-blowing loss, the Blackhawks are now 4-4-2 during the last 10 games; their

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worst stretch of the season since going 5-5 in late October/early November. Even though they had the shut-out win Thurday against the L.A. Kings, I think the Hawks game Tuesday at home is a must win game, especially considering its a rematch of last night's annoyance against Phoenix.

Oddly enough, the point the Hawks earned for the tie through regulation gave them the Western Conference lead in points, but that doesn't really help us feel any better right now- does it? The team seems to be dominating for two periods and then collapsing late in the game. over the past week this has happened with consistency and should be extremely alarming to all Hawks fans.

We need a win at home Tuesday night. The Blackhawks have to respond to Phoenix's comeback by dominating them up and down the ice. At this point I think that fans and players alike could use some reassurance with the recent losses piling up on top of the heap of injured defensemen from the last week plus.

I don't think the Hawks in jeopardy of losing their playoff spot, but if they want to succeed in the playoffs I believe they will have to be the most confident in themselves as they can be... and winning some games- starting, like, NOW- would sure help that.


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  • Why must the Hawks win? As a true hockey- devotee, I must say that I derive all my pleasure just from watching the game. Its almost as good as figure-skating.

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