"Beer Pong broke my nose" and other freak sport injuries

Since the Hawks have essentially lost for the last week, save for Thursday's win in LA, I wanted to think about other people hurting to get my mind off of that madness. Washing my hands and looking in the mirror, however, forced me to continue to think about past pain inflicted onto me. I caught a glimpse of the little scar on my nose that I suffered long ago when it was broken during an epic game of beer pong- but this tale will be told later. 

That lead me to thinking about a new realm of odd sports injuries, ones involving sports that aren't really even sports. So I am conducting a quest to search for odd and random sports injuries. Today I will share with you what I found so far, though my hope is that the masses will come together on this one and everyone will share their own tales, because that is where the real "good stuff" will come from for this topic.

When I began the search I kept finding lists citing weird injuries sustained by professional athletes. Sammy Sosa taking out his back with a sneeze, or  aracnaphobic, and former Cubs outfielder, Glenallen Hill once falling through a glass table while having a nightmare about spiders (read about this and others here), are interesting stories, but I was looking for injuries sustained while playing specifically odd, or at least less popular, sports.

This was a surprisingly daunting task, and I hope you will be able to add to this short list. As it is now, this is what I have:



As for my own tale, my beer pong partner and I had been on a 6-month string of domination and we were committed to extending it. On this fateful night we were playing with the blow rule; where if the ball is still spinning in the cup, the opposing team has the opportunity to blow the ball out of the cup, nixing the good shot.

       Beer Pong:

  Play with caution

Well, my reaction time was down this night, and when we had the opportunity to blow a ball out of the cup, my teammate beat me to it. The resulting splash-back of beer to his face caused him to jerk his head back... directly into my nose as I went for the cup. It all happened in less than a second, and I didn't even think it was too bad.

Moments later, however, blood spattered the sidewalk around us as it continued to spurt from my nose. The best part of the night followed as we finished the game as champions once again. In fact, the broken nose turned out to be a "Rookie-of-the-Year" type phenomenon, and I didn't miss another shot during the game. I can feel the exact point of impact on the bridge of my nose still today, and have a little scar to remind me of that triumphant night.

So, what's the strangest "sport" injury story that you have?


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  • Haha that wiffleball video is priceless. I did not even notice the first time through that the kid swinging got hit by the knock back of the bat. He had a really good swing though, maybe the Cubs should recruit him it could be a good future investment. As gandalf I do not actually get hurt very often but i had a similar mini golf indecent to the one that Dale had. I was on probably the second hole in the mini golf course and I was also dodging a hit ball although not my own, i tripped over the border and ended up landing on the border of a separate hole on my side. No bones were broken fortunately but I did suffer a pretty painful bruise about the size of a basketball. Not as epic as some of these but pretty good nonetheless.

  • In reply to gasman820:

    Yes, there's no denying their useful at stopping orc- arrows. But mithril-coats ARE hard to land on.

  • In reply to gasman820:

    My # 1 would be chipping a piece of bone off the top of the arch of my foot, while playing Chicken with a cake- knife. A close second tho, would be hitting a cop in the head with a frisbee. It didn't hurt himmuch, but it could have resulted in serious injury to myself!

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