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Welcome to The Way Things Should Be; a place for discussion, consideration and venting for all things related to Chicago sports.


Are you afraid of Lou Piniella daydreaming about cocktails during another Big Z meltdown? Not sure you have faith in the alliance of head coaches now assembled under Lovie Smith in hopes of a comeback season in 2010? Feel like shamelessly gloating after another dominating Blackhawks performance? Find a reason to watch the Bulls besides for Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah? Whether the answers are "yes"s or "no"s, this is the place to explore the intricacies of our collective Chicago Sports world.

I aim to offer interesting spins and thoughts on issues and news concerning our teams in hopes to incur reaction and discussion from you, my fellow Chicago fans. If you have thoughts or recommendations, please feel free to respond to my blogs frequently or email me directly here.

There is always sports controversy in this passionate town, and we all have our own thoughts on the way that things should be. What is yours?

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  • I don't like that last flag..........loser flag? Terrible and shouldn't be allowed.How demoralizing..must have been a SOX idiot.

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