Top 5 Things for Hawks fans to do during the Olympic Break

Of course during a season when Hawks fans could have watched an abundance of their players play in an NHL All Star game, we have the Olympics to take up that time slot and stretch it over three agonizing weeks. As we are still in the first week of these antics ruining our collective Blackhawks buzz, I offer this list of 5 things to consume your otherwise Hawk-devoted time to during this prolonged NHL break.

5. Spring training baseball

Ok, so it is that bad, but with characters such as Kahlua Piniella and Zambrano on the Northside, along with the excitement of new owners, and Ozzie and Loudmouth Pierzynski for the Southsiders, there is sure to be enjoyable sound bites coming out of camp at the very least. Baseball is fun, and you like it. Use this break to gear up for April, when you'll care more about the Hawks again anyways.

4. Watch Olympic hockey

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That's right: even though it's the Olympic's fault that we have this cunundrum in the first place, the second recommendation I have for curing the Olympic break Hawks fever is Olypmic hockey. Why not? Granted I could care less about medal placements or any of the exaggerated Olympic antics, but since you are craving hockey, you might as well indulge a little bit. Check out the medal games for good competition, and until then, be happy to watch and root for Hossa, Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabrook and company to all stay healthy.


3. Research Brad Miller's Tattoos

Thumbnail image for BM pic pic.jpg

Please. I need help with this. These have to be some of the most amazingly horrible tattoos ever, let alone for the NBA. Scrappy Doo has been successfully identified below the weird, scraggly sun/star thing floating above him on Miller's right arm. But what of the left arm? Some claim it to be an older "And 1" logo. I'm not so sure... See preceeding slideshow for further evidence. 


2. Start training for Bears camp

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Only 5 picks this year and none of those are before the third round. By the looks of it, the Bears will be in desperate need of players next year. By the looks of last year, that should be a fairly wide open search; so start pumping up and read each volume in the Encyclopedia of Martz Offensive Mayhem, because YOU might be better suited to take one of the open roster spots than whoever Jerry Angelo ends up acquiring. Anyone feeling invincible?


...and finally: The number one thing for any Blackhawk fan to do during the Winter Olympic break:


1. Listen to the "Hossa Song"

For anyone not yet familiar with this little treasure, local radio hosts Dan McNeill and Matt Spiegle parodied a popular song and rendered it into something spectacular. This should be the anthem to every Hawks fan's 2010 season. Documenting the tale of the one mighty Hossa and his journey to Chicago, this song captures the wonder and splendour of the man, as well as his supernatural prowess. Listen to it and learn to love it here, and may it remind you of the Hossa magic that we are exempt from right now. (This video helps too)


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  • That goal is amazing, definitely the best goal i have ever seen. He is a beast. I like the idea of trying to figure out those tattoos, it would be tough to say for sure

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