Other things that are 80%... Like Soriano's Knee

With the news yesterday that Soriano's knee is not quite perfectly happy, it spurred some thinking on my part about what other "things" could be evaluated at 80-85%. Here's what I came up with.



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Likelihood of disappointed Bears fans in 2010: 85% No money for free agents. No draft picks till the third round. No offensive or defensive lines, higher ticket prices, and no recievers near ready for new OC Mike Martz's playbook. Contact me about setting up candlelight vigils for Cutler; perhaps enough positive energy will spare his life next season.


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The Blackhawks' penalty kill: 84.36%

Of course this team has a stat good enough to fit into this discussion. However, that is only sixth best in the NHL. How about their 87 points, which is third best in the NHL? Okay, we'll go with that.



My disinterest in seeing Avatar: 84%

Sorry, I had to throw this in here. Everyone says the exact same thing: "It's so good and you have to go see it in 3D at the theaters!" I should have gone right away because now I want to obnoxiously boycott the movie simply in spite of its rabid fandomonium. I refuse to watch your coveted film. Well, maybe on DVD...



The Cubs' effort last year: 80-82%

Fine. Maybe I am being a bit too harsh, but was anyone pleased with 83 wins from this roster last year? Piniella checked out early and the team floundered around .500 all season long. Here is to 2010 being 2008 with a better ending. If not, then such disappointment may lead to my last, and theoretical, entry:


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Lou's blood/alcohol percentage by July: 80%

If anyone can do it it would be the manager of another sputtering Cubs team, and the mental voyages Piniella randomly takes suggest that this may be the perfect storm to produce such an anomole.



Lastly, I leave you with a little more Hawks love:

The Blackhawks have a winning percentage of 71.3 right now. With that I ask you which will be better come the start of the baseball season: Soriano's knee health or the Hawks' winning percentage? Whatever you do, don't ask Lou.


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  • That piniella alcohol content was perfect haha, I was definitely not expecting that.

  • The Obama expectation /achievement ratio: 90% (Yes - if only we could see behind the scenes!)

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